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Transaction Log v0.1.4

Loan Officer

Jul 15, 2009 Sidrus Abandoned Embedded library
Introduction Loan Officer is an addon for tracking loans made to other characters. I started this addon to track the money my auction house character handed out to my other characters. Loan Officer uses the Ace3 framework under the hood to provide some of the essential services addons need. Have a look at the road map to see what new things are being planned. Beta v0.1.4 The current release of Loan Officer is a beta version of the addon. This means it's basically stable and won't trash your...

Broker: Goldz

Jul 13, 2009 Bruners Abandoned Embedded library
A simple LDB plugin to display your goldz in the simple form 1336.9g. This is a fork of StatBlock_Money


Jul 12, 2009 kagaro Abandoned Embedded library
Langoustine is a CtRa/oRa2 replacement. Its inspired by both those mods and supports similar features. Features to be included: Tank windows w/target and optionaly Target of Target [FINAL TWEAKING] ClickCast support for MT frames. [ NEEDS TESTED ] Mass invites by guild rank or level [DONE] Auto promotion of assists [DONE] Auto loot method, with Master looter option [DONE] Ready Check support [DONE] Quick Disband support [DONE] LDB support [ COMING UP NEXT ] Thats it, if you want durability,...


Jun 23, 2009 Ackis Alpha Embedded library
Just a small project that will be worked on once ARL rolls out. Will allow you to play sequences of boss encounters on demand using the in-game files. ie: It'll let me easily play the Rag speech whenever I want.


Jun 23, 2009 Pericles Abandoned Embedded library
EasyDKP is an in game DKP management system, for a simple queue system DKP. So you can view and manage your EQDKP in game. A simple queue works as follows : Players earn DKP however you choose to do it. As an example : items cost their itemLevel so when an item drops the player that gets it is charged its itemLevel and the other players earn that number of points shared out - eg: Naxx 10 epic is iLvl 200, with 10 players in raid they earn 20 points each - 200/10 = 20. Loot is offered to the...


Jun 15, 2009 MightyHaz Abandoned Embedded library
HazFish: one-handed fishing FTW. Equip a pole, fish, and see what happens. /hf to configure. Done.


Jun 13, 2009 ambethia Abandoned Embedded library
Master loot addon, based on EPGPLootmaster, minus all of the EPGP features. To be done: Confirmation dialog for loot EZ-disenchant button (I can't be bothered to right click on the guild enchanter and pick the right item all the time)


Jun 08, 2009 Cybey Abandoned Embedded library
Still in beta In raids people sometimes use the addon FailBot. For each "failure" on an boss ability in encounters it displays one line for each character failing this. This is often spamming the raid chat. What this addon will do is fetch all the users and display them in one line instead. Updates: 1.0c: - Now working as intended - Code optimization/cleanup - Can highlight own character Example: [RA] User1 fails at Ability (2) [RA] User2 fails at Ability (5) [RA] User3 fails at Ability (3)...


Jun 07, 2009 rapidgame Abandoned Embedded library
Congratz This is an Ace3 based addon that I wrote to avoid constantly typing "gratz". It started off as a small addon for me to use personally as well as an opportunity for me to practice programming. The code is quite simple and commented, so it should serve as a good example if you're beginning to code in Lua. Features Automatically responds when players in your guild earn an achievement. Randomly picks a message from a user customizable message table. Has a configurable random delay...


Jun 06, 2009 Barfolomeu Abandoned Embedded library
This addon is now DEPRECATED!! Please use TomTomPing instead! I'm leaving the page up for historical purposes. FriendlyArrow Sets up TomTom's Crazy Arrow to always point to a raid or party member via a configurable key binding or slash command. Uses: Track a friend you're healbotting in Alterac Valley. (Yes, this works in battlegrounds!) Find a player who needs a battle res. Find the tank that's ranged you and desperately needs a heal in a large instance. (Yes, this works in instances too!)...


Jun 03, 2009 Takeda13 Abandoned Embedded library
Wintergrasp helper provides: simple autoinvite for channels "SAY" "GENERAL" "WHISPER" "YELL" auto-convert to raid (only in wintergrasp or near the portal-caster alliance/horde) auto-promote chars to raid-assistant (lead required) autokick portal-casters (lead required, dalaran only) filter lowlevel-chars (default=lvl 80 only) promote/demote all to Assistant (lead required) warn and kick /afk after 1min while battle is active (lead required) announce invitation in general-channel (message is...
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Jun 03, 2009 tiemo Abandoned Embedded library
Merchant is an auction house addon that assists with posting auctions and finding specific auctions. Features include: A framework for tracking actions. A basic stats module for calculating auction stats (like item average price). A tooltip module that can be used to display information about items in their tooltip. A Auction House module which features a batch posting interface. Future features include (but are not limited to): More historical data keeping (currently Merchant keeps just the...


May 27, 2009 Mourningblade Abandoned Embedded library
Blackbox (AKA Lib: Blackbox) works much like the black box in an airplane - it records position, buffs, debuffs, heals, and damage in a 30 second loop that is saved whenever anyone dies. The primary purpose of Blackbox is to have both a way to export data about deaths to external tools, and to have a single optimized library for death reports. One optimization that Blackbox does is that it has very, very little allocation during combat. All calls during combat are O(1) (unless there's...


May 27, 2009 andreasg Abandoned Embedded library
Simple font replacement


May 27, 2009 SteveKaye Deleted Embedded library
The aim of BattleMessenger is to enable better communication in battlegrounds. It does this by providing a list of nearby objectives that can be clicked on to send messages to the battleground chat channel to inform the team of the following: incoming attacks (optionally with a count of enemies) need help (for when the incoming attackers threaten to overcome the defenders) objective safe (for when the attackers were beaten off) where flag carriers are heading It will show all 5 nodes in...


May 27, 2009 SaladFork Abandoned Embedded library
What is SuccessionDKP? SuccessionDKP is a customized DKP addon designed for the guild Succession on the Anub'Arak (US) server. This addon is designed for the guild loot master and/or raid leader, and is fully compatible with WebDKP. The addon works on a percentage-based DKP system. SuccessionDKP is currently a work in progress, and is nowhere near completion. It is planned to be a full-featured addon soon though. FAQ Nothing yet... Coming Soon Nothing yet... Changelog Nothing yet...


May 26, 2009 Compost Abandoned Embedded library
JustPictureIt is a drawing competition minigame/whiteboarding addon. It's in an early development stage, but some of the planned functionality includes: - Invite your friends to play. Each person taking turns, the computer will pick a word for you, and ask you to draw it within a time limit. Points go to the person who guesses the word first + the person drawing it, based on how fast they guess. - Cool advanced drawing features, including transparency, calligraphy-style pens, spray cans,...


May 25, 2009 durcyn Abandoned Embedded library
Report General Vezax's healing taken after each Mark of the Faceless expires


May 24, 2009 yssaril Abandoned Embedded library
LibDataBroker addon that replaces the Calendar button Also displays todays events (non holiday) in its tooltip Will now also display how many signups you still have pending for this and the next month


May 22, 2009 copystring Abandoned Embedded library
My fork of "Magnet" by DARKGuy Autoloots items based on item type and subtype recognition upon opening loot window. At the moment this is beta and some entries might be useless like Projectiles(?) or are missing. Base code is pretty much done, maybe need some bug fixing and creating a proper type/subtype list.