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Title Swapper

Sep 20, 2009 Netrox Deleted Embedded library
As of Patch 3.3 this AddOn WONT work anymore... Thanks Blizzard :( ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED:AddOn 'TitleSwapper' tried to call the protected function 'SetCurrentTitle()'. Title Swapper? Yay for Achievments... now everybody can easily farm Player Titles, this addon is perfect for those people who can't decide which title to be used. They don't need to decide which title they use. It changes the title randomly every X minutes. Features Title change Priority System Print new title to default...
Recount Statistics Damage Tooltip

Broker Recount Statistics

Sep 20, 2009 Tristanian Abandoned Embedded library
A Data Broker plugin for the famous Recount addon (Cryect, Elsia). It is loosely based on FuBar_RecountFu, with enhanced functionality in certain areas. The plugin's text can be customized to display DPS/HPS information for either the current player or the (raid) group, depending on the desired session (last/current fight or overall data). An optional label to show the (last) active combat time is also supported. The plugin also provides a clickable, scrollable tooltip, where a Damage...

Spoils of War

Sep 18, 2009 Brimmstone Abandoned Embedded library
Almost every guild has one. They're that selfless person that has the thankless job of writing down all the loot people get from the raids and posting that info on your guild's website. Sure there's the pen and paper method, and there's no arguing that it works, but I'd like to think that in the 59 years since the Bic pen has been invented (and we won't even talk about how long paper's been around) that a better way has come along. This addon is designed to be that better way. It...
Permissions view


Sep 17, 2009 Zhinjio Abandoned Embedded library
Summary I'm currently in the design process for this addon, and would like your suggestions as to what kinds of functions you would like to see. There is a ticket already assigned for the purposes of this discussion. I will be posting my design thoughts in there for your thoughts and ideas. Minimally, I would like this addon to provide a guild leader and officers a "cleaner" way to manage guild functions. Promotions, demotions, setting permissions, tracking of players, tracking of guild/raid...
Repairs Needed


Sep 17, 2009 SagivSaffi Abandoned Embedded library
What it does: Automatically fixes your equipment whenever you visit a vendor that can repair. Never again have to hearth+rep after 1 wipe! v2.0: 1. Added an option to toggle the chat warnings. v1.1: 1. Added an options menu. It can be found in the Blizzard Interface Options frame, or by typing /sfu, or /saf_fixerupper. 2. Added support for Guild Bank repairs. 3. Added minimum faction requirements. 4. Introduced a better selection system that will not slow you down even half as much.


Sep 11, 2009 Graveeater Abandoned Embedded library
I abandoned the project on 06.Nov.2009. If you wish to take over it would probably ne nice to contact me. If you look for an replacement, you might want to look at DminishingReturns. This addon was intended for the third encounter in the Trial of the Crusader (the Faction Champions). However someone pointed out, that it might be nice for PvP aswell. DiminiBar tracks Diminishing returns on enemy Units. Please be aware that DiminiBar does not know whether the target is an PvP target (this is...


Sep 07, 2009 columnFive Abandoned Embedded library
Broker_Tokens is a simple Broker display module for items in the currency tab (e.g. Emblems of Heroism/Valor, Honor). A single currency type can be set as 'watched' and displayed via Broker_Tokens' block text, all others will be visible in the tooltip. Right-clicking on the block opens a configuration menu, from which the watched currency can be changed and unused tokens/headers can be shown/hidden. Broker_Tokens requires a LibDataBroker display addon like Fortress in order to work.

Custom Loot Points - Control

Sep 05, 2009 Infrael Alpha Embedded library
Control unit for the Custom Loot Points (clp). This is the main component that manages all the points and configuration. Only needed for raid leaders, others are best advised to use the Viewer component. Custom Loot Points aims to be a highly flexible loot distribution system. Allowing raid leaders to configure where, when and how they want to give points and how points are subtracted when loot is distributed. This is very much work in progress and at the moment aims to mimic the behaviour of...

Custom Loot Points - Viewer

Sep 05, 2009 Infrael Alpha Embedded library
Viewer for the Custom Loot Points (clp). Custom Loot Points aims to be a highly flexible loot distribution system. Allowing raid leaders to configure where, when and how they want to give points and how points are subtracted when loot is distributed. This is very much work in progress and at the moment aims to mimic the behaviour of classic dkp system and SuicideKings.


Sep 02, 2009 krag0th Abandoned Embedded library
About A really small addon that will display useful stats (Spell Crit, Spell Haste, RAP, ArPen... etc) you choose in a small box on your screen. This is still under very heavy development. The plan The plan is to have a configuration frame where you choose whatever stats you want to monitor live, and it will display them. Ooh Shiney! Frilly stuff will come later once the shell is written. They include and are not limited to: More robust "state change" animations when stats change Implement...
Lorhin in action.


Aug 29, 2009 Carancu Abandoned Embedded library
What is Lorhin? Lorhin is a tool that lets the user show and animate textures, almost every aspect of the animation and how the texture is shown is possible to affect in some way. Lorhin started out as a personal experiment and a try to fix some of the issues I felt Power auras and Avion have (or had when I begun writing Lorhin). So what functionality do Lorhin that is uniqe as of yet? Lorhin have the ability to let the user completly (well, almost, due to how the syntax is interpretated)...


Aug 29, 2009 Samtrion Alpha Embedded library
Function Libary for Runes of Magic AddOns


Aug 28, 2009 Drool Abandoned Embedded library
What is Queeg? Queeg provides an easy way for raid leaders to record who is held in a queue and what time they joined. Guild members add themselves to the queue via a whisper command and the raid leader can then track their in-game online / offline status - including the tracking of guilded and unguilded alts. Usage When a raid is formed and people are asked to queue they can whisper the following commands to the person with Queeg installed. QUEUE and one of the following commands ADD - Join...


Aug 27, 2009 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
Makes Raid Rolls easier, for example the Badge Sack from Sarth. Slash commands are /rg and /randomguy If you can help with RandomGuy's localization or have found an error in an existing locale, visit its localization page.


Aug 25, 2009 profalbert Abandoned Embedded library
Minimalistic Kill-on-Sight (KoS) addon. Just stores a list (per realm) of players, and warns through LibSink, if they occur in the combatlog. Usage: + Go to the built in WoW-addon-config-panel or + click the LDB-plugin PS: Yes I know VanasKoS. Yes, I tried it. This is going to be a very minimalistic KoS-addon with no guild-kos, nice-list, or stuff...


Aug 25, 2009 Nimbal Abandoned Embedded library
LibBuffet keeps track of buffs and debuffs on several units. It is meant as an abstraction layer between the Blizzard API and addons that want to provide a dynamic buff display. Features include: Tracking of buffs and debuffs on (among others): player, target, targettarget, pet, pettarget, raidN, partyN, focus, focustarget Tracking of temporary enchants (weapon buffs like poison) Unique buff identifier impervious to changes of the buff's index Events: BuffAdded, BuffCountChanged,...
Custom layout


Aug 23, 2009 Nimbal Abandoned Embedded library
Buffalo3 allows you to move your buff icons and change their layout. It is currently in the Beta phase, so do expect some quirks (and report them please, preferably with instructions on how to reproduce them). Current Features: Look & Feel of the default Blizzard buff display Move your buff display Change the layout (size, padding, expansion directions) Stick one buff container to another Buff sorting by name or time left ButtonFacade support Planned Features: Easier configuration with (not...


Aug 21, 2009 Jarlyn Abandoned Embedded library
Eightyfour announces when crowd control spells like Polymorph, Sap, Repentance, and Hex are broken (and who broke them), and when Misdirection/Tricks of the Trade are cast. It displays spell icons and raid targets, along with player and spell names, to any form of chat output, including custom channels. It's designed for raiding guilds to be a simple, no-nonsense alternative to BigBrother with short but detailed announcements.


Aug 20, 2009 MerialKilrogg Abandoned Embedded library
Overview AlwaysLFG joins the LFG channel automatically. Just install AlwaysLFG, and type "/join LookingForGroup" if you haven't already. From then on, AlwaysLFG will make sure that you're signed in to the LookingForGroup channel whenever possible. Details What exactly does AlwaysLFG do? WoW requires you to be in an LFG queue in order to have access the LFG channel, but it's often nice to be able to see LFG messages even when you're not specifically looking for a group. AlwaysLFG solves this...
Auto Loot (/fs3g)


Aug 20, 2009 x87bliss Abandoned Embedded library
Abstract: FSwapper3 (Fishing Swapper) will automatically switch from a Fishing Pole to the weapons you had equipped last when you enter combat. If this switch occurs, once you leave combat your fishing pole will be equipped automatically. This makes it so if a high level mob, or another player, attacks you while you're fishing - you don't waste time searching for your weapons in your bags. Additionally, there is an "Auto Loot" feature that applies only to Fishing Loot (from right clicking...