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Mar 07, 2010 Riokou Abandoned Embedded library
AchievePlanner is an addon that helps you organize and categorize your incomplete achievements. Features: Group achievements into categories: (not implemented fully) Organize your incomplete achievements into custom categories for easy reference. Put achievements into categories by difficulty, type, or whatever you want. Quick Sort: View a list of all of your incomplete achievements sorted in order of most completed to least. While it may not be the best way to decide which achievement to do...

Keepers Prio

Feb 25, 2010 cody_ Alpha Embedded library
Addon for priority management of combat skills for all classes. Further description follows.
TweetCraft UI


Feb 22, 2010 RGabo Abandoned Embedded library
Overview TweetCraft is an in-game Twitter client for World of Warcraft. TweetCraft can: Send/receive Tweets in-game (Immediate sending reloads your UI) Queue Tweets to send when it's more convenient for you Upload in-game screenshots using TwitPic AutoTweet when you log in, enter an instance or get an achievement Extensible so that AddOn authors can register messages or events to AutoTweet Click here for additional instructions on setting up TweetCraft. Known Caveats TweetCraft will only work...


Feb 15, 2010 DWSR Alpha Embedded library
TL;DR This addon is a rotation helper framework. If you are looking for a proper rotation helper with out of the box functionality, look elsewhere. Description I plan to make this addon accomplish a task similar to oUF, only instead of applying it towards unit frames, I intend to apply it towards rotation helpers. It is meant to be a class and talent neutral framework that will allow a user to add a list of spells to cast and conditions under which to cast them, and have suggestions displayed...


Feb 14, 2010 Pericles Abandoned Embedded library
This addon provides a scoring mechanism for your kit and others that you target. Allowing you to get a numerical value to compare your kit to others. This could be really useful on a raid to see the relative scores of members to work out who is best placed for a particular role etc. You can see the score of others when you target them. It stores these scores in a table you can view with /iop show. You can view and set the options using /iop options. If you have Titan Bar or FuBar installed...


Feb 14, 2010 LightsfuryUther Abandoned Embedded library
QuestHelperConfig adds a configuration frame for the QuestHelper addon to the Interface Options Panel under the "Addons" tab. The current version maps most of the QuestHelper options to GUI elements. The addon also adds a Data Broker "launcher" entry that supports: Show/Hide QuestHelper (left click), show options panel (right click), toggle incomplete quests markers (shift+left click). As of 2/2/2010, localization is complete for the English language. If you would like to contribute please...
Diminishing Return Display


Feb 09, 2010 ghanburighan Abandoned Embedded library
Gladiminish is an arena exclusive addon, displaying diminishing returns simple and quickly readable, next to the Gladius Addon’s frame. The diminishing returns are displayed as icons, showing the relevant skill and its remaining duration in a different colour, according to the next crowd controls efficiency.


Feb 09, 2010 raegx Abandoned Embedded library
MobMarker constantly scans raid members for their target for a specific mob by name. When it finds a target with a matching name, it is marked with a raid target icon chosen from a pool of user defined raid icons. This is especially useful for bosses that summons a group of adds and allows targeting icons to quickly be established without interfering with game play. The only requirement for the mod to function is raid assist or leader status. Setup: Escape -> Interface -> Addons -> MobMarker...


Feb 08, 2010 Shamino Abandoned Embedded library
Important Notes since Patch 2.0.1 With the creation of filtering options in the default crafting frame, if changed from 'All Slots', will interfer with EnchantingSeller. Therefore, if you install EnchantingSeller, those options will be removed from the default Enchanting Frame. About EnchantingSell EnchantingSell is an Ace2 version of EnchantingSeller (, a modified version of EnchantSell. Features - List of all the...

Boss Review

Feb 03, 2010 raegx Alpha Embedded library
Boss Review records hostile abilities/spells, summons, emotes, and auras (buff/debuff). This information is displayed in an overview fashion with the ability to look at detail information for any tracked item. Details shown include every time during the encounter the ability was used, the time between uses, and the target of the tracked item if applicable. This information can be used to quickly in game break down encounter timers/cooldowns on abilities, obtain the name of relevant...
JukeBox Icon


Feb 01, 2010 xilcoy Abandoned Embedded library
JukeBox lets you play World of Warcraft's built-in sound files, or those available from other addons using LibSharedMedia-3.0, from a file-browser like window. It can be used just for fun, or by addon developers to find a good built-in WoW sound. The most useful feature for a normal user is the ability to add the built-in sounds to LibSharedMedia-3.0's database. Other addons that use the shared media library will be able to play any WoW sound that the user has added.

EG Leader

Jan 31, 2010 Shadowed Abandoned Embedded library
Elitist Group Leader will be a plugin specialized for people who do pug groups or raid leaders who run with inconsistent rosters and want an easier way of sorting out who is interested as well as their gear status. It will require Elitist Group, and it will take advantage of all the database and syncing it already provides. The feature lists is looking something like: One tab that shows a columned view of your database by role (Tank/Healer/Physical DPS/Caster DPS), it will also show the...
Polmonitor Buttons


Jan 31, 2010 iceypop Abandoned Embedded library
Polmonitor helps you make sure you have all the buffs you should have, that your target has the debuffs it should have, and that you're using your spell and item cooldowns as often as possible. It does this by letting you set up monitors for the buffs, debuffs, spells/skills and items you're interested in. The monitors appear visually as standard action buttons on the screen. When everything is ok (you have the monitored buff, your target has the debuff, the cooldown is running, ..) the...
FDLoot Bid Frame


Jan 31, 2010 Jarus Abandoned Embedded library
The guild Fast and Deadly (EU-Ambossar) prefers for Suicide Kings loot system and we encountered the WoW Addon SKG developed by Zhinjio. It´s a very nice addon, but we wanted to change many things to individually implent it to our guild. We startet our own loot system with advanced features for personal use inside the guild. Because we got a lot of request to the modified features, we have decided to put the new FD Lootsystem for other guilds to provide. At our Realm the Lootsystem is very...


Jan 29, 2010 Stlke Abandoned Embedded library
Evaluates your gear using custom Lua scripts. Also contains modules to keep your equipment sets updated automatically. There is now an (unfinished) introduction available here. This addon is still in beta, which basically means that anything can change at any time. Make sure to keep your evaluators backed up!


Jan 25, 2010 eblume Abandoned Embedded library
Simple language selection Babel is a simple data object that can be placed in any LibDataBroker-capable object viewer. It will add a "launcher", a little goldenfish, that you can click to toggle between your character's spoken languages. If you need any more help using this addon, please let me know, because it was meant to be as simple as an addon could possibly be!


Jan 25, 2010 eblume Abandoned Embedded library
MyRole provides a LibDataBroker 'data source' object, the effect of which is that your broker-compliant display (such as Bazooka) will show an icon describing your currently assigned role. If no role has been assigned, the icon is a flag. You will need a LibDataBroker compliant display to use this addon - without one, the addon will do precisely nothing. Again, I recommend Bazooka. Last I checked, TitanBar also works, and FuBar works with an additional addon (broker2fubar or something like...


Jan 24, 2010 Shadowed Abandoned Embedded library
EGS is a version of Elitist Group that will send your gear and main data when people request it. In general, the addon is passive and does very little. It only does something when another Elitist Group user requests your data. While in combat, communications are queued until you leave combat. This is purely for people who want to respond to gear requests from Elitist Group or want to make sure people using Elitist Group see their main experience on an alt, but don't want the entire Elitist...


Jan 22, 2010 calidore_arygos_eu Abandoned Embedded library
Discontinued: You can find its successor here. Copilot is a framework for modules designed to alleviate some of the tedious tasks players might face every day. Modules These modules, developed by the author of Copilot, are currently known to be available: Copilot_ArgentTournament (view on CurseForge) Copilot_Brunnhildar (view on CurseForge) Copilot_IcecrownCitadel (view on CurseForge) Copilot_TrialOfTheChampion (view on CurseForge) Copilot_UlduarTeleporters (view on CurseForge) Feedback...


Jan 22, 2010 calidore_arygos_eu Abandoned Embedded library
LibCopilot is a super-project for small, task-specific libraries hosting common code for Copilot ([[copilot:Main|view on CurseForge]]) and Copilot modules. Features Following is a list of libraries currently included: LibCopilot-Combat-0.1: Track the players combat state and schedule actions for execution on exiting combat. LibCopilot-DropDown-0.1: A drop-down menu based on AceGUI. (incomplete) LibCopilot-EQS-0.1: Handles "extended quest support" functions for Copilot_ArgentTournament (view...