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Nov 03, 2010 OrionShock Abandoned Embedded library
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ClassLoot Tooltip


Nov 02, 2010 Pneumatus Mature Embedded library
This addon is an in-game representation of Kaliban's Class Loot Lists. Kaliban's Class Loot List provides ratings for all raid loot with respect to it's suitability for different class/spec combinations. Vanilla WoW raid gear is rated for each class between 0 to 5 stars, however this addon disregards any rating below 3 stars to reduce the data-set. Outlands and Northrend raid gear is split into Primary, Secondary and Tertiary priority which is displayed in-game using 5 stars, 4 stars and 3...


Oct 31, 2010 Infrael Abandoned Embedded library
A lightweight addon for creating macros that can be called using "/click <name>". This allows, for instance, to get past the 255 character limit of standard macros, or have parts of a macro act differently per character. It can also be used for the additional keys on macro keyboards or mouses without sacrificing (modifier) keys. (See included instructions for the Logitech G-Series keyboards (G13, G15, G19).) Numerical ranges Based on the name ClickMacros can generate multiple instances of the...


Oct 31, 2010 Rabbit Abandoned Embedded library
Okay, so I got tired of dying to random trash mobs and considered what I could do about it, and I thought "the first thing I need to know is when I get aggro", so I made a mod that tells me: BanzaiAlert It has options for sound, message, LowHealthFrame flashing, and comes prepacked with a female voice that says "Aggro" when that is the case (from Squishy). It defaults to printing a red warning to your Big Wigs message frame, but also supports SCT5, MSBT, Blizzards FCT and the UIErrorsFrame,...
Death Report 3

Expiration 2

Oct 29, 2010 slake333 Abandoned Embedded library
Expiration is a player death analysis mod. It tracks your group members and records combat events about them. When a player dies, the combat history leading up to their death is saved for later review. History The original Expiration arose a few years ago out of a thread on Elitist Jerks discussing how to best learn from player deaths during the actual attempts. Thus, a simple proof-of-concept death tracking mod was created and it was soon followed by a number of other mods in the same vein....
Icons (v0.70+)


Oct 29, 2010 ahmetqw Abandoned Embedded library
TankMastery is a helper add-on for tanks. When used, it can: watch your target, and produce a self/raid/party/channel message if it gets taunted/knocked-back/mocked show you an icon about the targeting review of the moment (if it is targeting a tank, if that tank is targeting it back etc) [v0.70+] can warn you if your taunt failed [v0.90+] It is mainly created to encourage synergy between the tanks, improve the raid quality, see who is being a "bad boy" and if possible, minimize such...


Oct 29, 2010 traja Abandoned Embedded library
Addon to manage the Loot for RisingSun (EU-Frostmourne) - A Test at this Point.. more to come Addon zur Lootversteigerung des RiSu-Raids und seiner Ableger.
Dockable Bag Views


Oct 27, 2010 feithar Abandoned Embedded library
Inventory and bank organizer.
Bunch of Bars In action


Oct 25, 2010 Mininova Abandoned Embedded library
Modular and lightweight party/raid frames.


Oct 24, 2010 vaeyl Abandoned Embedded library
This is an easy to configure addon the get rid of that mess of buffs, that covers half of our precious screen space since the last patch 3.0.2. Usage: To hide a buff, just SHIFT-Rightclick it. SAF will remember which buffs you hid between sessions. There is a profile management integrated into Blizzard's interface options panel. If you want to see all buffs, use /saf toggle to show/hide the hidden buffs. To remove buffs from the list of hidden buffs, use /saf menu Please comment =)
MOTDstripper Before-After Comparison


Oct 21, 2010 Contiki Abandoned Embedded library
About MOTDstripper MOTDstripper strips the guild and system message of the day from your chat frame, freeing up precious screen real estate and making your chat frame cleaner upon logging in to the game. Messages of the day are only shown if they've changed since your last login. Usage You can change MOTDstripper's behavior through the AddOn Options in-game. By default, if MOTDstripper has seen either the current guild message of the day or the current system message of the day (or both), it...
UnderHood view


Oct 20, 2010 Anadale Abandoned Embedded library
UnderHood is the most configurable HUD addon that enables you to build optimal interface in game. FAQ contains growing list of answers to most common questions. Use Post a ticket form to submit bugs or request enhancements.
GuildFu in action

FuBar - GuildFu

Oct 19, 2010 Elkano Inactive Embedded library
GuildFu has been superseded by ElkGuild: WoWAce / Curse


Oct 19, 2010 SteveKaye Abandoned Embedded library
Enables the set up of the Shaman totem sets as dropped by the spells "Call of the Elements", "Call of the Ancestors" and "Call of the Spirits". This would be useful for those people who use totem bar replacements that do not support this functionality. The set up is accessed through the standard Blizzard addon configuration interface. Go straight to the TotemCallSetup page in the AddOns Interface config using the command /tcs.

Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech

Oct 17, 2010 Rinu Abandoned Embedded library
What is Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech? Boss Mod: TTS plays on every important BossMod message a text-to-speech sound file, so you always now why your screen is flashing or what's going on around you. The idea behind the whole thing: Messages are cool but a nice computer voice actually telling you what's happening at the moment is much better! Boss Mod: TTS works with BigWigs, DBM and DXE. Q&A I only want sound messages which are important to me Boss Mod: TTS is hooking the message system of you...
Threat - ToT


Oct 17, 2010 Arcanefoam Abandoned Embedded library
DHUD3 DHUD3 is a modular Heads Up Display Addon. Core Module Core functionality on which the other modules build up. Lets you set DHUD3 general settings (scale, situation alpha, font, etc). (More info) Player Module Bars to show Player and Target Health/Power information, and Target and Target of Target name plates. (More info) Auras Module Show player buffs and/or weapon enchants close to expiring. (More info) Abilities Module Show/track abilities specific to your class applied to your...
Icon and Tool Tip

Broker: ButtonFacade

Oct 17, 2010 StormFX Deleted Embedded library
Broker: ButtonFacade is a LibDataBroker launcher for ButtonFacade that was created to separate the plug-in from ButtonFacade so that users have a choice in whether or not it's installed. Options Click the icon to open the ButtonFacade configuration window. If you have LDBIcon-1.0 installed, a /bficon chat command will be available that will toggle the mini-map icon. Installation Download the package. Extract the package to your "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns" directory. Note: You must...


Oct 17, 2010 gramg Abandoned Embedded library
This will auto-welcome new guild members. To access options please type "/gw" or click the LDB launcher. Note: There is an LDB plugin built in for people who have an LDB display addon. If you wish to have a Fubar Plugin please use Broker2Fubar ( to place LDB plugins on your fubar.
myBindings2 screenshot for koKR


Oct 16, 2010 fenlis Abandoned Embedded library
Rewrite myBindings. An enhanced key bindings interface.
Line in quest description


Oct 15, 2010 jaffa0 Abandoned Embedded library
I have abandoned the Loremaster project as it no longer serves a useful purpose in the game. If someone wishes to repurpose the code in some way (can't imagine how, but who knows, right?) you are welcome to. Thanks and regards. <H2>An apology</H2> I'm sorry for not updating in so long. I haven't played for some time due to real life concerns. The addon still appears to work, but this will be the last version. The Azeroth Loremaster achievements will be changing for Cataclysm to be more like...