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Milling bar


Jan 07, 2011 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
Displays various useful bars at the bottom of your tradeskill frame, depending on your professions. Implemented so far: Jewelcrafting - Prospecting Inscription - Milling Leatherworking - Upgrading Leather Enchanting - Disenchanting Important: ProfessionBars should automatically adjust to tradeskill window replacement addons. If it doesn't adjust to one of your addons, please comment or file a ticket with the name of the addon. Beta Testing: The Blacksmithing/Mining bar is now in beta testing....


Jan 07, 2011 jerry Abandoned Embedded library
lern2count adds ABinfo castcounts to spell and actions. It has a builtin reagentcount too.


Jan 07, 2011 Adirelle Abandoned Embedded library
YAGRA is Yet Another Gear Rating Addon. *Please note that the inspection API is very unstable on live servers and breaks easily. YAGRA may not be able to inspect someone to calculate her/his gear rating.* Some word about gear rating The gear rating provided by this addon is just a glorified item level. It just helps you to know the tier progression of a character. It will not tell you if the character is wearing appropriate gear for its role. By example, it would not tell you if a deathknight...


Dec 29, 2010 OrionShock Abandoned Embedded library
AutoPartyButtons A basic addon to provide a set of macros for commonly used spells that apply to a role of the group be it in a LFD or Raid. If you want more buttons or something not listed here or in the addon PLEASE POST IT IN COMMENTS For example, for hunters it provides a set of Macro Buttons for MD to Designated tanks. Very basic, not a whole lot implemented. Has base framework to expand on. Each button is Named so the addon can be hidden and used in common macros via /click...
Main Window


Dec 24, 2010 CaendraFerion Abandoned Embedded library
Summary An enhanced tradeskill addon. Cauldron provides: a better view of your tradeskills than the default; more sorting and filtering options; the ability to mark skills as a favorite, and shows in reagent tooltips that the reagent is need for that favorite; a queuing system that can be arbitrarily ordered, and displays all the intermediate items and reagents required to make the desired items; and a shopping list that allows you to mark which items need to retrieved from alts, and who they...


Dec 18, 2010 yess Abandoned Embedded library
Displays online guild members of any desired guild. Useful to monitor your guild while you are playing an alt that is not a member of that guild. Broker_AltGuild does not provide it’s own display, you will need a LDB-based display addon. Please use the Ticket System to report bugs/enhancements.


Dec 17, 2010 jerry Abandoned Embedded library
Links replace the ItemRef tooltip with as much tooltip as requested. Links for items, quests, achievements and spells are supported. Optionally, Links can remember the last Links you opened in the session, and show the Icon associated with items, spells and achievements. Links v1.4 fixes compatibility with the patch 3.3.5 Links v1.4 removes a lot of complexity from the inner code, and adds support to Heirloom items specific tooltip.

FuBar 3.6

Dec 11, 2010 ckknight Deleted Embedded library
FuBar is not being updated anymore. It is recommended that you switch to a DataBroker based display addon as a replacement (Bazooka, ChocolateBar, and NinjaPanel have all been recommended as good alternatives to try). A panel that modules can plug into. Features: 1. Drag and drop rearragement of plugins. 2. Any plugin can exist on left or right or be centered. 3. Automatically adjust frames (can be turned off) 4. Any number of bars (not limited to just 2), you can attach to the top, bottom,...
LDB Icon too look for


Dec 07, 2010 OrionShock Abandoned Embedded library
Dungeon Speed Runner An Addon that tracks the average running time for Random PuG instances groups setup using the LFD tool. "A simple addon for a simple thing" MainFeatures Announce to just about anywhere from chat frame to guild to custom channel ect. Option to "Brag" about run times to just about any channel. Slightly customizable announce message. (Average & Current Runtimes, Total Count) LDB Tooltip to show historical run times as well as how many times you've completed them. Clicking on...


Dec 06, 2010 Bruners Abandoned Embedded library
Information: This addon will add item count, stack size, item id and item level to all item tooltips that you hover with your mouse. If you have 3 Arcane Dust in your bags and 14 Arcane Dust in your bank the tooltip will say: "You have: 3(14)" in-game configuration has been implemented to turn off unwanted features. Configuration: Locate the addon in the inferace->addon menu Type /tipcounter in chat Localization: Simplified Chinese (zhCN) and Traditional Chinese (zhTW) done by wowuicn French...


Nov 30, 2010 Adirelle Mature Embedded library
OneButtonConfig is a simple ConfigMode controller, which allows you to enable the configuration mode of several ConfigMode-compliant addons with one click. It provides: a LDB launcher with optional minimap icon, a simple slash command /onebuttonconfig (and its short form /obc), fully ConfigMode-compliant (support multiple modes and LoadOnDemand addons), configuration through a simple dropdown menu. Since v1.1, Blizzard and addons support have been moved to their own, independant addons:...

CheeseSLS Client

Nov 30, 2010 dieck Abandoned Embedded library
Fast, simple response client for CheeseSLS Lootmanager Addon see CheeseSLS Addon Note: If you experience problems with library errors, try installing the Ace3 pack seperatly from
After looting

CheeseSLS Käsefreunde Stormwind Shroud Loot System Manager

Nov 30, 2010 dieck Abandoned Embedded library
WoW-AddOn: CheeseSLS scripted by dieck, [email protected] Feel free to edit, but please mail modifications to me, so I can put your improvements online for all users. I am thankful for feedback of any kind. CheeseSLS CheeseSLS is an addon to implement the Shroud Loot System using EQDKP as web interface. The use of CT RaidTracker is greatly encouraged to simplify raid and loot uploads. The "minimum bid" of SLS is implemented as "offspec loot". You can change the costs in the config dialogue or...
Mysterious Egg


Nov 27, 2010 diocode Abandoned Embedded library
Monitor the remaining duration on your Mysterious Eggs and other perishable items. These items (and their durations) will be hardcoded in as they are requested. Items are only properly detected when you first receive them. Item detection is disabled when the Trade window is open, in order to prevent detecting old items. This is an Ace3 addon, with support for LibDataBroker. A minimap icon is available for those without a broker display. You can find the official forum thread here. You can...


Nov 25, 2010 Ammo Deleted Embedded library
A CT_RaidAssist alternative. See old oRA2 wiki entry. oRA2 has been succeeded by oRA3 in combination with SimpleTankFrames. oRA2 is no longer in active development, though bugfixes are welcome to keep it in a working state.


Nov 10, 2010 kagaro Abandoned Embedded library
Collects Herbs, Mines, Gas Clouds and Fishing locations and adds them to the worldmap and minimap. Please note this has been replaced with GatherMate2 for Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria.


Nov 08, 2010 Nimbal Abandoned Embedded library
Description Luggage sorts the items in your inventory and bank into virtual bags. You can choose from a variety of filters to customize which items should be contained in a virtual bag. If you know [| Advanced Bags Plus], you'll be familiar with the concept. Usage You might want to temporarily switch on the "Beginner Tooltips". You can find this option in the Blizzard configuration menu under "Interface", then "Help"....
Version 1

Socket Master

Nov 08, 2010 organizedevolution Abandoned Optional dependency
This project is a work in progress. I have multiple level 80 characters which do high level raids, and I found it was becoming cumbersome to track which new pieces of gear needed gems and enchants, as well as what gems & enchants each character needed. The purpose of this addon is to provide information about the current character's socketed gems in a easy-to-understand manner. At first, the features will be passive for the most part....displaying information about gems in different ways....


Nov 04, 2010 raegx Abandoned Embedded library
StackWatch is a very that is meant to warn players about a user defined aura (buff/debuff). Players affected by the user specified aura is whispered and assigned an icon at either initial application or a specific stack. This addon is very useful for PTR encounters and/or for encounters that do not have suitable aura warning systems. To configure it, access it through the default WoW addon interface configuration menu. Press ESC Click Interface Click the Addon tab


Nov 03, 2010 Nimbal Abandoned Embedded library
LibBaggage provides a simplified interface to the inventory. Most notably, there are only a handful of events to listen to (most addons using this library will be content with 3 or 4 of the events). Features Watches the inventory, bank and equipment Event propagation through the CallbackHandler-1.0 library itemTable "data type" Contains the location of the item in the form of a bagID and a slotID. The bagID is mostly the same as the bagID of the normal Blizzard API, extended with the values...