Reverse relationships




Jun 30, 2011 Rabbit Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of your reagents using PeriodicTable sets. Like FuBar_PTReagentFu for FuBar, just completely without options. Broker display shows "OK" if you are stocked up enough on reagents, and "!" if you need to get some.
SurgeTrack Frame


Jun 29, 2011 miniworm Abandoned Embedded library
SurgeTrack displays some icons when temporary beneficial spell or effect placed on player. Also Display Name Stack Blizzard cooldown style timer Remainder count (OmniCC cooldown count function for alternative) Aura icon and name in a Data Broker Display and Blizzard Minimap Icon (Data Broker?) Full screen flash Features Support ButtonFacade. Support custom spell or effect triggered by buffs, debuffs, item enhancements, trinket, coining or gem meta, etc. (Amazing! How to manage that?) Support...
Messageframe and bar!

Ingela's Rapture

Jun 29, 2011 ingela Abandoned Embedded library
Ingela's Rapture Updated for 4.2. Please report any errors or bugs. Description Ingela's Rapture is a lightweight and highly configurable addon that gives you a cooldown bar for the internal cooldown of Rapture. Why? When Cataclysm came with new talents and increased spell-costs, the tools to regenerate mana becomes a lot more valuable. With the talent Strength of Soul and casting Heal, you cannot throw a shield every time the Weakend Soul is off, thinking you will procc rapture. This addon...

Paw Power

Jun 29, 2011 kliegs Abandoned Embedded library
Provides a graphical interface to managing combat resses between multiple druids in a res. A list of all druids show up and their combat res timers. The raid leader can then click or drag to indicate which druid should res which target. A "next available druid" mode also works to quickly indicate res without doing a special assignment.


Jun 28, 2011 stencil Abandoned Embedded library
Simple addon to persist collapsed/shown state of headers in the Reputation frame across sessions.


Jun 28, 2011 Rabbit Abandoned Embedded library
Are you certain some guy in your raid is spamming your latency to hell and back with his insane addons? Now you can prove it (not that that could ever happen, I think, but hey, it's fun to blame people!) Broker: CHAT_MSG_ADDON gathers information about the bytes travelling through the addon communication channel and gives you a "high score" list of the top spammers, in addition to average bytes transmitted over the last 10 seconds, and other small statistics. It is designed to be small and...

Charge Meter

Jun 28, 2011 Starinnia Mature Embedded library
Charge Meter is a small addon designed to help identify if you should call a Thaddius attempt when you are going for the "Shocking!" achievement. Features Watches the combat log to determine if anyone in the raid crosses the charges Print out a cached report of all the crossed charges Stop parsing the combat log during an attempt by typing /cmeter Example Output <CMeter> Crossed Charges @ 20:25:22 <CMeter> PlayerA(+), PlayerB(2)(+) <CMeter> PlayerC(3)(-) Frequently Asked Questions Q: There is...


Jun 28, 2011 Whitetooth Abandoned Embedded library
Enables you to see Chinese, Japanese and other languages in game. Also adds "UnicodeFont" to LibSharedMedia-3.0, so you can select to use the font in addons which support LibSharedMedia-3.0. Chatter Users: You will need to setup Chatter to use UnicodeFont, type /chatter, in "Chat Font" and "Edit Box Polish" set the Font to UnicodeFont. The font included is GPL v2 licensed The WenQuanYi Zen Hei is a Hei-Ti style (sans-serif type) Chinese outline font. It was designed for general purpose text...


Jun 13, 2011 Adirelle Abandoned Embedded library
CastYeller2 allows the player to make chat announces in response to various game events. For each announce, the player defines : the names of spells, items and/or auras to watch, the events to watch (sources and triggers they propose), where to send the announce (outputs), optionally: per event custom announce templates. Events and outputs can be disabled globally. A configuration guide is being written. Source modules Auras: send events when the player gains/loses buffs and when he/she...


Jun 09, 2011 yssaril Abandoned Embedded library
I am gone till august so i will not be able to update any of my addons till then. If something breakes and you think you can patch it feel free the repo should be open to anyone YssEquipmentBroker is LDB feed that shows you which (if any) Blizzard Equipment Sets you are currently wearing. if clicked it will show you your list of Equipment Sets which you then may click to equip. If the set name is in red some or all items are not in your inventory or bags. But it does not end here if you equip...
lib-st in action!


Jun 06, 2011 ddumont Mature Embedded library
lib-st provides a convenient way to create and display a scrolling table of data. Supply column info and your table data, and you're off! To get a handle in lua: local ScrollingTable = LibStub("ScrollingTable"); To package in your addon, add to your .pkgmeta file: externals: Libs/lib-st: url: svn:// tag: latest Leave off the tag line if you want the absolute lastest alpha version from the site. (I try to keep a stable copy tagged as latest) New...
Strict checking with simple display


May 22, 2011 Adirelle Abandoned Embedded library
RaidyCheck helps checking the raid status in a glimpse. RaidyCheck checks various conditions (see below) and displays anything wrong in a panel. It also adds some information to the raid member tooltip. Configuration is available in the Interface AddOns panel or the /raidycheck slash command. RaidyCheck can also be enabled for party. Test modules common group buffs, like Fortitude, Mark of the Gift, Blessings, ... annoying/useless buffs, like Crusader Aura and Aspect of the Pack, mana level,...
Rune Layouts

Acherus Runes

May 15, 2011 kollektiv Mature Embedded library
Description Acherus is a Death Knight addon providing displays for runes, procs, runic power, and diseases. A great effort has been put in to make all features customizable. Animations are provided to make it very easy to see when things become available and unavailable. Enjoy! Usage Slash Command To open the configuration type /ac or /acherus, click on the minimap button, or use a Data Broker display that's compatible with launchers. Feature Requests and Bugs If you have a feature request or...
TB Raid Helper

TB Raid Helper

May 15, 2011 Valana_TB Abandoned Optional dependency
Features Auto-Loot TB Raid Helper automatically loots gold, quest items, keys and currency items off of corpses and chests. Currency items include Emblems of Heroism, Emblems of Valor, Emblems of Conquest, Stone Keeper's Shards, and their level 70 equivalents, but also Dalaran Cooking Awards and Champion's Seals. If looting fails because the "Object is busy", TB Raid Helper will keep trying until the items are in your bags. No more leaving badges or Heroic daily quest items on corpses because...
TB Artisan

TB Artisan

May 15, 2011 Valana_TB Abandoned Optional dependency
Features Auto-Loot TB Artisan automatically loots materials produced by a profession. This includes disenchanting magical items, prospecting ore, milling herbs, gathering herbs, extracting gas, skinning creatures, breaking down mechanical creatures, mining ore nodes, and fishing. TB Artisan's auto-loot feature is only active for materials gathered through professions and thus relieves you of the hassle of constantly toggling auto-loot if you dislike having it on all of the time. Profession...
Addon's setting

Ceaphyrel's Auto Accept Invite

Apr 29, 2011 Ceaphyrel Abandoned Embedded library
What does it do? So basicly what this addon do is that it allows you to automatically accept invites from specific groups, like your friends, guildmates, or other ppl in your allow list. It also allows you to automatically decline invites from ppl in your deny list (if they p****d you off or something :). Usage To access config just type "/caai" in-game or a longer one "/ceaphyrelsautoacceptinvite". Why I made it :) It's been a long time since I started to use Auto Accept Invite by...

Sachmo's Dkp Mod

Apr 25, 2011 ddumont Abandoned Embedded library
SDKP sdkp is a dkp tracking addon under development and in use by TG - Arthas guild. It is designed to import from, and export to an EQDKP+ website. Currently the documentation is a work in progress. But if you have any questions or need any extra options to assimilate this mod for use in your guild, please write a ticket or PM me. Here's a screenshot of sdkp in action
Example screeny


Apr 13, 2011 eggsampler Abandoned Embedded library
MouseThreat Displays highest threat holders in the tooltip of the mouseover target. Features Realtime updating of threat list in tooltip Anchor tooltip to mouse Remove tooltip fade on units or world objects Configurable colours for different threat levels and units Highlight if a unit on the threatlist is targetting the mouseover npc Ace3 backend Profile based settings 100% Compatible with popular tooltip replacements (eg, TipTac) Planned Alerts/warnings for threat gains/losses (ie, tank...


Apr 08, 2011 gramg Abandoned Embedded library
What is Broker_Pet? Broker_Pet is a simple LDB pet display that was requested over on the WoWInterface forums in this thread. There are two different displays of pet XP: A normal xxx/yyy type display A pseudo-XP bar made up of the "|" character. See the screenshots for an example and click the feed to switch between them. Bugs/Feature Requests If you feel you have a bug or feature request, please post a ticket on the ticket tracker on Curseforge, a comment on the project is unlikely to get...
Broker_XPRate Tooltip


Apr 07, 2011 gramg Abandoned Embedded library
What is Broker_XPRate? Broker_XPRate is a LDB plugin designed for the boring times while grinding out the levels. It has two display modes, time to level and kills to level. Both modes take into account the amount of restXP you have if any. Credit to Laughlorien and KillMeterFu for some of the per kill code Localization If anyone is willing to help localize this addon, please head over to the localization page and submit translations. I wish I could do it myself, but alas I only know english....