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Zug Zug Automatic Master Looter

Sep 26, 2015 Turaka Deleted Embedded library
The addon will automaticly put up Masterlooter once a boss is attacked. It will only enable ML if you are in a raid and that you are the RL. Once the bossfight is over and you loot the corpse the ML will go off and it will automaticly switch back to grouplooting or FFA again.
Raid Popup, bright icons show missing raid buffs.


Nov 22, 2012 Zeksie Abandoned Embedded library
All in one buffing mod for all classes, overview of important raid buffs and instant access rebuff on right click. Main Mod Responsible for loading class specific modules. Has FuBar/Minimap icon for options menu (Sorry, I just don't like Waterfall at all), and info tooltip. Single click minimap icon to quickly enable/disable auto-buffing. Raid popup list with complete buff overview (just mouseover the floating ZOMG icon). Highlights missing buffs for whole raid at a glance. Shows time...

Zug Zug Huntar

Aug 29, 2012 Turaka Deleted Embedded library
This addon is specially for the hunters that use the Talent `Improved Tracking`. The addon automaticly changes the tracking type to the type that you are attacking. If you got errors, or bugs you encounter please use the Ticket System Since version 2.8.0 its possible to provide translations, see the addon localization page for more info. Comments are disabled as of 27-01-2010 due to excessive spamming of bots.
v.1.1.x /zRaid


Dec 11, 2009 Zealin Abandoned Embedded library
What does zRaid? zRaid compares the list of accepted invites of a Blizzard Calendar Event and prints (and / or invites) missing players to console(colored, rightclick menu) or any channel you wish. v1.2.x Invite System (/zRaid invite or /zRaid i) Report to different Channels (party, raid, guild, custom channels; /zRaid channel) Configuration (/zRaid config) Usage: Select a Calendar Event and wait until it is fully loaded Use the /zRaid command. You can also use /zRaid invite to invite all...
  • 4 reverse relationships found