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StrongArms default display


May 21, 2009 Compost Abandoned Embedded library
StrongArms provides timers for Arms Warriors, and a handy priority icon (lets you know which ability you should use next to maximise DPS output). How to use: - Use the ability shown in the BIG square - The little square shows which ability it thinks you'll need to use after the ability in the big square, but is often wrong due to changing conditions - The other 5 squares to the left of the big square let you know if all your class buffs/debuffs are up in one form or another. Note: This addon...


May 15, 2009 Darravis Abandoned Embedded library
Displays a mana bar for your Druid when in Cat or Bear form. Slash Command: /scmb Options can also be opened in Blizzards addon setting tab.


Dec 31, 2008 Toirealach Abandoned Embedded library
This simple addon will automatically shout out that you need healing through the '/HEALME' emote when the player's health gets below a certain percentage of their maximum. The default is 20% but is configurable by the player. This allows party and raid members to automatically know that the player is running out of health and needs healing. The addon also does the same thing with mana if the player uses mana. It will automatically call out that you have low mana by doing the '/OOM' emote if...


Oct 25, 2008 profalbert Abandoned Embedded library
Provides Information about Healthstones to LDB-viewers. This addon is the continuation of FuBar_HealthstoneFu. To get it working with FuBar, use Broker2Fubar.