Reverse relationships




Oct 24, 2010 vaeyl Abandoned Embedded library
This is an easy to configure addon the get rid of that mess of buffs, that covers half of our precious screen space since the last patch 3.0.2. Usage: To hide a buff, just SHIFT-Rightclick it. SAF will remember which buffs you hid between sessions. There is a profile management integrated into Blizzard's interface options panel. If you want to see all buffs, use /saf toggle to show/hide the hidden buffs. To remove buffs from the list of hidden buffs, use /saf menu Please comment =)

Seraphim Raid Tracker

Jul 13, 2010 Barret7sc Abandoned Embedded library
Raid tracker mod for Seraphim of Earthen Ring This mod gives an easy way to track point values for 25 man raids. When a player rolls their priority value will be displayed along with the roll. The configuration UI allows you to edit individual point values and to export data in HTML and BBCode formats. When someone loots a epic item on on the exclusion list (i.e. bags, badges, quest items), a dialog box appears asking if the item was looted for points, looted for offspec, or sharded. This...

Stamina Killer

May 21, 2010 Anadale Abandoned Embedded library
This addon is created to help guilds who use "Remove Stamina on Infest" tactics when fighting Lich King in heroic difficulty.
ShadowGreenLight, upgrades available


Apr 27, 2010 Mokhtar Abandoned Embedded library
Presentation Shadow priest and Warlocks suffer from a well-known and documented bug, if spellpower changes (trinket procs etc) update the tick value of their SW:P (respectively Corruption), crit and %dmg increase are still only evaluated when the dot is originally cast. Given the fact that through Pain and Suffering (respectively Everlasting Affliction) talent Shadow Word: Pain (respectively Corruption) is normally never recasted during a single target fight, this can lead to important loss...


Apr 25, 2010 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
Simple cooldown bars. Features: - Config GUI (/cooldowns) - Toggle whether to display the bar when the spell is off cooldown


Apr 04, 2010 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
A plugin-based HUD system. See this page for plugin API.


Jan 05, 2010 kliegs Abandoned Embedded library
Create a single rating (from 1-100) of a users overall skill in gemming, enchanting and spec'ing their character. This is meant as a complement to gear score mods that mainly check item level. This mod will look for improper gems (strength gems on a hunter) or PVP/PVE talents (and create a PVE vs. PVP gear score).


Dec 27, 2009 eblume Abandoned Embedded library
Status Socialist is in a re-development phase, and a new beta will be released sometime in September. Stay tuned! About Socialist is a social tracking suite aimed at supplementing and largely replacing the built-in Social panel. Socialist will: Provide a robust, real-time searchable, client-cached table displaying a wide variety of data on every character you meet in WoW, including those you meet in person, in a raid, in your guild, or over a chat channel. This view can also be used as a...

Shop Keeper

Dec 18, 2009 MinervahShadowmoon Beta Embedded library
<H1>Description:</H1> Shop Keeper implements trade skill marketing and a portal for customer management in a very 1-2-3 type fashion. Shop Keeper is intended to make it easier to attract customers to you instead of your competition, and keep those customers well organized and informed on your progress of their requested trade skill. It essentially provides a "brick-and-mortar store" style of using your trade skills in the trade channel. <H2>How it Works:</H2> Shop Keeper barks your trade...
PC Death Blaming


Dec 12, 2009 Corg Abandoned Embedded library
SRNAnubHealerMod is a mod for Anub'arak in Trial of the Grand Crusader. Here are the configurable features, each of which can be enabled/disabled individually: 1) Announces deaths of raid members who died with a raid mark in Phase 3 (like Failbot, but for healers in this fight) 2) Reminder sound when Anub'arak casts Penetrating Cold in Phase 3 3) Frame showing the number of seconds the raid can survive Leeching Swarm**. 4) Warning sound when the number of seconds the raid can survive Leeching...


Dec 08, 2009 Jaliborc Abandoned Required dependency
A library for registering and using layouts, which have the ability to arrange widgets according to given constraints. Getting Started Included Layouts Flow List Registering Layouts API List


Dec 08, 2009 Jaliborc Abandoned Required dependency
A library for creating and recycling widgets and widget classes. No longer maintained at Curse. Latest version at:
Buying Ammo


Oct 13, 2009 SagivSaffi Abandoned Embedded library
Main Features As of 2.1: 1. Will fill the bag your equipped ammo is in, if you visit the necessary vendor. 2. Will disable itself if your character is not a hunter. ** 3. Options menu (/saa, /saf_autoammo, or Blizzard's interface menu). ** A known caveat exists that may prevent this feature from working as expected. To-Do: 1. Plans to keep track of how much you spend on ammo each day and display it nicely. --If you have more ideas comment or PM me. Check out my other addon that automatically...


Sep 29, 2009 copystring Abandoned Embedded library
About Shriek is a macro generating addon for warrior shouts. Features Macro generation based on the number of party members Upcoming features Macro generation based on: Is there another warrior in your part/raid? What spec are the other warriors? Zone Target name(for boss encounters)

Spoils of War

Sep 18, 2009 Brimmstone Abandoned Embedded library
Almost every guild has one. They're that selfless person that has the thankless job of writing down all the loot people get from the raids and posting that info on your guild's website. Sure there's the pen and paper method, and there's no arguing that it works, but I'd like to think that in the 59 years since the Bic pen has been invented (and we won't even talk about how long paper's been around) that a better way has come along. This addon is designed to be that better way. It...
Repairs Needed


Sep 17, 2009 SagivSaffi Abandoned Embedded library
What it does: Automatically fixes your equipment whenever you visit a vendor that can repair. Never again have to hearth+rep after 1 wipe! v2.0: 1. Added an option to toggle the chat warnings. v1.1: 1. Added an options menu. It can be found in the Blizzard Interface Options frame, or by typing /sfu, or /saf_fixerupper. 2. Added support for Guild Bank repairs. 3. Added minimum faction requirements. 4. Introduced a better selection system that will not slow you down even half as much.


Aug 29, 2009 Samtrion Alpha Embedded library
Function Libary for Runes of Magic AddOns
Main Panel


Aug 11, 2009 Zhinjio Abandoned Embedded library
Documentation I'm redoing the current documentation. Please be patient as some links will not work until this is completed. IMPORTANT SECURITY CHANGES Based on feedback received over the course of this addon's development, the security model that was in use has been scrapped for something far simpler. For both new and existing users of this addon, the following topic should be considered REQUIRED READING: New Security Model What is SKG? Suicide Kings Geo is a plugin that manages loot...


May 27, 2009 SaladFork Abandoned Embedded library
What is SuccessionDKP? SuccessionDKP is a customized DKP addon designed for the guild Succession on the Anub'Arak (US) server. This addon is designed for the guild loot master and/or raid leader, and is fully compatible with WebDKP. The addon works on a percentage-based DKP system. SuccessionDKP is currently a work in progress, and is nowhere near completion. It is planned to be a full-featured addon soon though. FAQ Nothing yet... Coming Soon Nothing yet... Changelog Nothing yet...


May 25, 2009 durcyn Abandoned Embedded library
Report General Vezax's healing taken after each Mark of the Faceless expires