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Jun 23, 2015 LudovicusMaior Release Embedded library
Ever have a quest turnin fail because you did not have the space in your bags? Ever loot a corpse and have your toon yell at you because you have no room? Ever try to sell junk to a vendor and not be sure what to sell? Rubbish is for you! Rubbish : Maintains a settable number of free slots while in the field. If you loot and go below that threshold, Rubbish will find the lowest value junk or vendorable items and offer to destroy them for you with the standard destroy item dialog. If you...
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Jun 12, 2015 Anyia3 Release Embedded library
RaidChecklist RaidChecklist provides an at-a-glance overview of which core buffs, debuffs, dispels and crowd control abilities are available in the raid at the moment, and what class/spec/pet could bring each. It doesn't try to be a full-featured raid planner, but is instead targeted at those who want a more casual add-on which can assist them in putting together a balanced raid on the fly. It is also very useful for hunters wanting to pick a pet to fill a void in the abilities otherwise...


Apr 20, 2015 tbfl12123 Planning Embedded library
Raid Interupt Organizer This addon is a help for guilds and raid leaders to organize their interupts durring raid encounter. This addon makes it easy to list the raid members who can interupt, and gives the possibility to track it durring combat. When a person on the list interupts, it will announce who should interupt next. The user can choose to whisper the next in line, or do a Raid Warning - announcing who to go next.


Mar 23, 2015 Barret7sc Alpha Embedded library
Raid Tracker for the Renascent guild of Kirin Tor
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Feb 24, 2015 Torhal Release Embedded library
Facilitates quick Tradeskill execution via mouse-clicking on a piece of equipment or a crafting reagent to display a menu of the tradeskills which can be performed with the materials on hand. Official discussion forum is here. Feature requests and bug reports go here. Features Provides a menu when mouse-clicking on equipment in bags, the character frame, the "Will Not Be Traded" slot for Enchanting, and any material that can be used for any tradeskill. Supports Disenchanting, Milling,...


Oct 25, 2014 mjsmagalhaes Abandoned Embedded library
Introduction Reporter prints Recount data relative to your performance to a frame after a combat is done. This is not the 'Recount Report' you are used. REQUIRE RECOUNT !! Just in case .... Your Feedback is Very Welcome !!! Current Version (0.1.1b) What it Reports ?? Outgoing Damage (Total and DPS) By Ability (Total and Percentage) By Target Healing (Total and HPS) Incoming Damage Who Damaged (Total and Percentage) Other Features Reports Link Damaging Spells Spec Support First Layout is Based...
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RaidWatch 2

Oct 19, 2014 mangeg Release Embedded library
Raid Watch 2 Raid Watch is an addon for tracking events during boss fights in both raid and 5-men dungeons. It will keep track of important boss cooldowns, warn for events that requires the users attention and inform about some things that happen around him. It will do this in the form of timer bars, sounds, big warning text accompanied with a screen flash for the most important stuff and small text messages for less important things, direction arrow and more. Raid Watch also have some...
Rogue Power Bars 2.2.7 with an X-Perl Statusbar Texture


Oct 18, 2014 Asuah Release Embedded library
RoguePowerBars updated for 6.0.2. To configure use "/rpb" or open the standard addon settings tab. It's timer bars for Rogues! Important Notes: New abilities will not automatically be added to the tracking lists Did some very basic (and probably unintelligent) buff and debuff detection by making use of LibPlayerSpells. More sophisticated buff listings will hopefully come when I have the free time to generate them. Removed abilities will not automatically be removed from the tracking lists...
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May 25, 2014 ducky12432 Inactive Embedded library
This project is no longer a viable product as they have removed reforging from the game I will leave it here as a reference for those if you that want to learn from it. Thank you News V2.4.3 has been released. There are still many Issues that need addressing but i figured i would push a couple updates that I have made. I have started to go through all of the models and update them where needed. I am aware of the expertise not counting as hit issue and am working to resolve it. If you know of...


Mar 08, 2014 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
Intended to provide performance measurement for 5 man dungeons in terms of clearing speed. Features include: Record keeping of fastest clear times Split times for boss kills Live run time display Optional announcements to instance chat Please note: Only dungeons entered through the dungeon finder are timed. This is because RunTime uses LFG status to track leaving group as opposed to simply leaving the dungeon for some reason (shortcuts). Some bosses will require localization for RunTime to...

RR Gear

Feb 19, 2014 kliegs Abandoned Embedded library
Download gear lists from an appropriate setup PhPBB forums to import into game and track players gear priorities.
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Jan 04, 2014 Whitetooth Abandoned Embedded library
Rating Buster - A tool for item comparison If you can help on localization updates, feel free to send me the files and I'll include them in the release Support Modules RatingBuster_AlwaysBuffed: This addon enables RatingBuster to calculate selected buff effects even if you don't really have them. About RatingBuster RatingBuster started out as an addon that converts combat ratings in your tooltips into...
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Dec 23, 2013 togaman5000 Abandoned Embedded library
RaidManaTracker consists of a simple, configurable frame that displays all the healers currently in your raid group, alongside their current mana percentage and whether they have a cooldown or mana pot available. Planned feature includes recommendations as to the best targets for Innervate or good times to drop Mana Tide or Hymn. The addon works in all group sizes and in battlegrounds and is able to track mana and cooldown/potion usage of players from different servers. Due to the delay...
New Reforgerade GUI


Oct 03, 2013 legowxelab2z8 Abandoned Embedded library
Reforges your gear to the results returned by reforging calculators. Usage: Talk to a reforging NPC and paste the results you get from using a reforging calculator, then click the reforge button. Items that are already reforged correctly will show a green check mark over the their icon. Items with reforges that do not match the input will show a red X over the icon. Slots with missing, invalid, or not understood input will show a yellow question mark over the slot's icon. After reviewing the...

Raid Needs

Sep 20, 2013 No0x9D Abandoned Embedded library
I made this addon for my 10 man raid group to make changing people for farm bosses more comfortable and less time consuming. It allows every player who has this addon to mark his needs and synchronize it with all the other players in your raid. In the end you have several possibilities to see who can leave the raid and who should come instead. How to use You reach every window from the minimap button. Overview A left click opens the overview frame where you see if a person has needs for every...


Sep 14, 2013 Jordons Inactive Embedded library
What does ReforgeSaver do? ReforgeSaver allows you to save and restore reforging profiles for your equipped items. How do I use it? Equip the items you want and reforge them as desired. When you're done, click the "Save" button on top of the Reforging frame and choose a name for your profile. You can restore your profile at any time by selecting it from the dropdown menu and clicking "Reforge". It will display how much gold the total reforge will cost and begin reforging once you confirm....
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May 28, 2013 Rabomir Abandoned Embedded library
LibDataBroker plugin to display currencies held e.g. Valor Points, Conquest Points, across all characters. To use this addon you will need a suitable LDB display panel, such as ChocolateBar, Bazooka, DockingStation etc. Features: Currencies with a weekly cap that have been reached are highlighted in green Currencies where the maximum cap has been reached are highlighted in red Currencies where there is a weekly cap not reached are shown with a trailing "/(amount to cap)" Left-click switches...


Mar 05, 2013 torkel104 Abandoned Embedded library
About Rebirther was created as a tool for druids and any other raider to monitor Innervate and Rebirth availability regardless of whether the druids in the group have the addon. Instead of having to look up who's in your group, who's dead and then going through a list of cooldowns attempting to deduce what druid might have his Rebirth or Innervate available, you can just look at the clean list presented by Rebirther to easily see the state of all the druids' cooldowns. Features - Easy...
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Reagent Helper 2: Remastered

Feb 09, 2013 Davie3 Inactive Embedded library
Reagent Helper 2: Remastered About Inspired by the original addon by Tuatara from Cosmos UI comes Reagent Helper 2: Remastered. RH2 shows within a reagent item's tooltip the Profession and/or Class it is used for. Type /rh2 in game to configure Reagent Helper 2. I am not the original author of Reagent Helper nor was I ever apart of the original project, CosmosUI, etc. I am merely an addon author who decided to bring it back. Change Log v2.1 Long overdue DB update. Support for Mists of...
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Reckoner's ProMending

Jan 03, 2013 reckoner04 Abandoned Embedded library
Reckoner's ProMending is a Priest addon that gives you a timer bar showing you which unit currently has your Prayer of Mending with how many charges and time left. The options can be found under Game Menu/Interface/AddOns or directly opened by typing /prom in chat. This addon is still very new, so please notify me about any bugs so I can fix them. Thanks!