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Nov 30, 2009 deleted_2401186 Abandoned Embedded library
VERY simple addon. Shows all pets, in order, with an adjustable delay between them. Found a lot of random-pet addons, but none designed to show them all off in a row. use /petshowsimple [delay] to toggle the show on and off. Requires Ace3


Sep 02, 2009 krag0th Abandoned Embedded library
About A really small addon that will display useful stats (Spell Crit, Spell Haste, RAP, ArPen... etc) you choose in a small box on your screen. This is still under very heavy development. The plan The plan is to have a configuration frame where you choose whatever stats you want to monitor live, and it will display them. Ooh Shiney! Frilly stuff will come later once the shell is written. They include and are not limited to: More robust "state change" animations when stats change Implement...

PerfectRaid - Shared Media

Mar 07, 2009 EthanCentaurai Release Embedded library
Adds LibSharedMedia-3.0 support to PerfectRaid. allowing you to change the texture of the health and mana bars.


Jan 26, 2009 rapidgame Abandoned Embedded library
Features: The aim of this addon was to help people decide where the best place to farm a particular item is (or just where to farm in general). Pillager records the following data: - Session Time How long you have been playing for this session. - Durability Costs Incurred Cost to repair damage received this session. - Earnings/Losses This records the difference in cash in hand between the start and end of a session, and therefore includes money earned/spent on the auction house etc. - Loot...