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Oct 30, 2008 Kiralyn Abandoned Embedded library
About Medley This addon allows you to further customize events in the game with sounds! By either using already built-in sound files or your own custom ones, you can add effects or notifications to make the game more enjoyable and/or helpful to you. :) It is named "Medley" because it fit's the definition quite nicely: "an arrangement made from a series of melodies, often from various sources." Medley was created using Ace3 libraries, Quixote 2.0 and is localization-ready. It also has a...
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modular Unitframes

Jan 13, 2009 vaeyl Deleted Embedded library
What is mUF? mUF is planned to be a set of very (very very) customizable unitframes. Every part of a unitframe (e.g. name, healthbar, auras) is represented as a "module". You can create a set of modules called "template" and assign this template to one or more unitframes, wich will then share the same design. Both modules and unitframes are created in a plugin-system, wich I plan to make as easy to use as possible and I promise to document it thouroughly, to allow other developers to write...


May 08, 2009 Vana Abandoned Embedded library
A small nonserious simple game based on the Monkey Island Pirate Fights


May 27, 2009 andreasg Abandoned Embedded library
Simple font replacement
Tooltip information


Jun 03, 2009 tiemo Abandoned Embedded library
Merchant is an auction house addon that assists with posting auctions and finding specific auctions. Features include: A framework for tracking actions. A basic stats module for calculating auction stats (like item average price). A tooltip module that can be used to display information about items in their tooltip. A Auction House module which features a batch posting interface. Future features include (but are not limited to): More historical data keeping (currently Merchant keeps just the...


Aug 16, 2009 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
It reports people who let their debuff fade on Malygos Phase 3 to a specified channel. If you could help with localizing the addon in any other language or have found a mistake in one of the existing locales, visit its localization page.


Jan 25, 2010 eblume Abandoned Embedded library
MyRole provides a LibDataBroker 'data source' object, the effect of which is that your broker-compliant display (such as Bazooka) will show an icon describing your currently assigned role. If no role has been assigned, the icon is a flag. You will need a LibDataBroker compliant display to use this addon - without one, the addon will do precisely nothing. Again, I recommend Bazooka. Last I checked, TitanBar also works, and FuBar works with an additional addon (broker2fubar or something like...


Feb 09, 2010 raegx Abandoned Embedded library
MobMarker constantly scans raid members for their target for a specific mob by name. When it finds a target with a matching name, it is marked with a raid target icon chosen from a pool of user defined raid icons. This is especially useful for bosses that summons a group of adds and allows targeting icons to quickly be established without interfering with game play. The only requirement for the mod to function is raid assist or leader status. Setup: Escape -> Interface -> Addons -> MobMarker...

Multishot (Screenshot)

Mar 18, 2010 dlui Release Embedded library
Multishot is a tiny addon that automatically takes screenshots on bosskills, levelups, achievements, reputation changes and so on. Currently dungeons and raids up to Patch 3.3 are supported. Multishot is not translated (yet) but works on all locales. Configuration via Interface > Addons > Multishot or type /multishot into the chat window. Help: I'm looking for screenshots taken by Multishot to add them as sample to the description. Do you have a decent picture to share - maybe raiding...
MonkeyToggler in the wild!


Apr 08, 2010 gnarfoz Abandoned Embedded library
MonkeyToggler is a launcher for MonkeyQuest (2.x) implemented using LibDataBroker. It can also display the number of currently active quests. Click it to toggle the MonkeyQuest frame. That's it. :)

My Cup Runneth Over

Apr 14, 2010 Nevir27 Abandoned Embedded library
My Cup Runneth Over An AddOn for sharing in-game sounds with your friends, party members and guild members. Great for annoying the hell out of everyone, roleplaying and having a great time. Other players must have the AddOn installed to hear the sounds you're sending! Usage To send a sound clip, /play [target] Path\To\Sound.wav Target can be one of: group: Sends the sound to your raid or party guild: Sends the sound to your guild <name>: The name of a player to send the sound directly to The...


Apr 28, 2010 Speeddymon Abandoned Embedded library
4.0.1 Info See the following page for info about 4.x and Cataclysm: Intro MailboxPlus is an addon designed to completely replace several separate addons with something Ace3-compatible, actively maintained, small, light, and fast. Features -Dropdown list of mailed toons, which can be used to quickly send a mail without using the keyboard Planned -Take all items and money from the inbox -Take all items and money from a single mail -LDB support...
myBindings2 screenshot for koKR


Oct 16, 2010 fenlis Abandoned Embedded library
Rewrite myBindings. An enhanced key bindings interface.
MOTDstripper Before-After Comparison


Oct 21, 2010 Contiki Abandoned Embedded library
About MOTDstripper MOTDstripper strips the guild and system message of the day from your chat frame, freeing up precious screen real estate and making your chat frame cleaner upon logging in to the game. Messages of the day are only shown if they've changed since your last login. Usage You can change MOTDstripper's behavior through the AddOn Options in-game. By default, if MOTDstripper has seen either the current guild message of the day or the current system message of the day (or both), it...
Mana Log


Jan 19, 2011 sylvanaar Abandoned Embedded library
Experiments with mana metering/logging. Formost this tries to monitor actual mana regen. This is not as easy as it sounds since mana regen isnt reported directly by the game. So this addon explores how to measure regen, and experiments with how to manage and utilize the regen data. The intended audiance of this addon is other developers or tech-savvy users who may want to participate or contribute in the effort. Perhaps this might someday be a replacement for regenfu. Current Features 1) Mana...


Feb 23, 2011 daVinci1980 Abandoned Embedded library
McDkp is a DKP addon that supports pluggable rulesets for running DKP auctions. The addon is split into two main pieces: the Auction framework and Rulesets. The manner in which auctions are run can be modified by the rulesets, but is largely independent between rules. Meanwhile, the specifics of how bids are parsed, how much DKP is charged, etc, are maintained in the rulesets. Included in the initial release is the % based DKP system used by Deus Modus on Stormrage, where DKP is accrued at an...


Mar 04, 2011 Anyia3 Abandoned Embedded library
MisInformation is a hunter raid assistant which tracks Misdirection usage and cooldowns. It's a small movable, resizable window that displays the status of all the hunters in the party/raid. The text is colour coded for at-a-glance feedback: * <span style="color: gray;">Gray</span> - Misdirection is on cooldown or otherwise unavailable (e.g. hunter dead or logged out) * <span style="color: #0c0;">Green</span> - Misdirection is available * <span style="color: red;">Red</span> - Misdirection is...
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Apr 13, 2011 eggsampler Abandoned Embedded library
MouseThreat Displays highest threat holders in the tooltip of the mouseover target. Features Realtime updating of threat list in tooltip Anchor tooltip to mouse Remove tooltip fade on units or world objects Configurable colours for different threat levels and units Highlight if a unit on the threatlist is targetting the mouseover npc Ace3 backend Profile based settings 100% Compatible with popular tooltip replacements (eg, TipTac) Planned Alerts/warnings for threat gains/losses (ie, tank...


Jul 04, 2011 Shamino Abandoned Embedded library
About MaterialsTracker MaterialsTracker will keep track of the materials required for your known professions, and keep counts on what are in your bags, banks, guild banks and mailbox on all of your toons. Simply hover over an item, and if it's being tracked, counts will be shown in the tooltip. This was inspired by my other addon EnchantingSeller, which has this functionality built-in, however only for the Enchanting profession. Tooltip The tooltip will tell you... 1. how many on you 2. how...
Sales tab


Sep 15, 2011 Cyprias Abandoned Embedded library
When you open your mail, My Sales keeps track of who bought your auctions and displays the item, money, buyer and when in a table. Type /ms to bring up the options screen. PM me if you'd like to take over this project. Features Display your sale in a table display. Show what your top sellers are and your top buyers. Buyer names coloured if they're in your guild or friends list. Filter entries by time. Plans for the future Add option to remove old data. Known Issues Buyer name missing: This...