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Nov 08, 2010 Nimbal Abandoned Embedded library
Description Luggage sorts the items in your inventory and bank into virtual bags. You can choose from a variety of filters to customize which items should be contained in a virtual bag. If you know [| Advanced Bags Plus], you'll be familiar with the concept. Usage You might want to temporarily switch on the "Beginner Tooltips". You can find this option in the Blizzard configuration menu under "Interface", then "Help"....


Nov 03, 2010 Nimbal Abandoned Embedded library
LibBaggage provides a simplified interface to the inventory. Most notably, there are only a handful of events to listen to (most addons using this library will be content with 3 or 4 of the events). Features Watches the inventory, bank and equipment Event propagation through the CallbackHandler-1.0 library itemTable "data type" Contains the location of the item in the form of a bagID and a slotID. The bagID is mostly the same as the bagID of the normal Blizzard API, extended with the values...
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Oct 15, 2010 jaffa0 Abandoned Embedded library
I have abandoned the Loremaster project as it no longer serves a useful purpose in the game. If someone wishes to repurpose the code in some way (can't imagine how, but who knows, right?) you are welcome to. Thanks and regards. <H2>An apology</H2> I'm sorry for not updating in so long. I haven't played for some time due to real life concerns. The addon still appears to work, but this will be the last version. The Azeroth Loremaster achievements will be changing for Cataclysm to be more like...


Oct 13, 2010 Bethink Alpha Embedded library
Overview LibSchema-1.0 allows you to define schemas for a (complex) Lua types and then validate Lua values against those schemas. A typical use of LibSchema-1.0 is the validation of values received via AceSerializer-3.0 and AceComm-3.0 from other game clients. Of couse, LibSchema-1.0 can also be used for other validation tasks. API Documentation See API/LibSchema-1.0.lua. Usage Example -- A small add-on that uses LibSchema-1.0. MyAddOn = LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):NewAddon("MyAddOn",...


Jun 28, 2010 Shadowed Abandoned Embedded library
LibHealComm-4.0 is a library that keeps track of heals being cast by both the player and the people they are grouped with. It will estimate how much a heal will land for using talents, glyphs, auras as well as gear and provides data to other users using LibHealComm-4.0. There is a variety of ways to show data, anything from a simple bar that indicates how much healing is incoming on an unit to showing a graphical summary of what player is casting what heal, on who and how long it will take to...
Loot Council r15

Loot Council

Apr 21, 2010 kandarz Abandoned Embedded library
An addon to automate the communication for guild loot councils. A major pit-fall of the Loot Council system of loot distribution is communication between council members. This addon creates a voting window for each piece of loot and allows an item to be opened for bidding. Currently allows raid members to link to the raid channel with an item they wish to upgrade with the current item being voted on. Once a time period has passed, no more people can add their bid to the list. From then on...


Apr 15, 2010 Azethoth Abandoned Embedded library
LibDBLayers-1.0 manages the SavedVariables of your addon. Difference between LibDBLayers and AceDB: No metatables. Settings for an object are flattened into a single table. Settings can be shared per account (global), class, or spec (custom). It offers support for defaults, and a layered hierarchy of settings. It is designed to have verbose layered settings in your AddonOptionsDB which is only loaded and used when setting up defaults or changing options. The layered settings are flattenned...


Apr 09, 2010 sylvanaar Deleted Embedded library
Automate the population of libalts data via external cue's such as configuration via a string stored in the guild notes


Apr 02, 2010 Torhal Mature Embedded library
This project is deprecated - the LibQTip-1.0 core library now handles all of its functionality in a much cleaner manner. LibQTipClick-1.1 is a simple interface to LibQTip-1.0 using the latter library's CellProvider methods - and the mechanisms of CallbackHandler-1.0 - to provide support for customizable, mouse-aware cells. The library requires, but does not include, the latest version of LibQTip-1.0. Features Utilizes the LibQTip-1.0 API. Customizable per-cell OnMouseDown(), OnMouseUp(),...


Jan 22, 2010 calidore_arygos_eu Abandoned Embedded library
LibCopilot is a super-project for small, task-specific libraries hosting common code for Copilot ([[copilot:Main|view on CurseForge]]) and Copilot modules. Features Following is a list of libraries currently included: LibCopilot-Combat-0.1: Track the players combat state and schedule actions for execution on exiting combat. LibCopilot-DropDown-0.1: A drop-down menu based on AceGUI. (incomplete) LibCopilot-EQS-0.1: Handles "extended quest support" functions for Copilot_ArgentTournament (view...

Lore Master

Jan 05, 2010 Scisto Alpha Embedded library
What it does Lore Master is an addon that tracks the completed quests, shows the percent of completed quests in a zone, and help the user to obtain and complete the needed quests. Translators wanted I've been adding some localization into the mod as I develop. Right now there isn't many phrases that need to be changed, but as the projects grows this isn't going to be the case. If your interested in helping translate for me, please send me a PM asking to be made a translator. It should be open...


Jan 04, 2010 onaforeignshore Abandoned Embedded library
Description LibGroup-1.0 keeps track of all the members in a party or a raid. This allows the developer to use one library and not have to worry about the group type. The same methods are available, irrespective of the group type. The information is cached into an internal table, which allows cached lookups in the library, thereby speeding up party / raid addons. Events fired by this library Key: EventName [parameters returned] - description Party or Raid events Joined [name] - fired whenever...


Dec 31, 2009 Shadowed Abandoned Embedded library
This is a small wrapper library that is used to make the transition from LibHealComm-3.0 to LibHealComm-4.0 easier for both authors and users. There are no function calls or callbacks to register for this to work. Because LHC-3.0 does not send GUIDs for healing targets, the wrapper will try and figure out the GUID it will prioritize players over pets/vehicles. The first healing message sent from LibHealComm-3.0 will be ignored per user, so that if they are using both LHC-3.0 and LHC-4.0 it...


Nov 19, 2009 LiquidProjects Beta Embedded library
Liquid-Core is a core Libraries that is required for all of the Liquid Addons. It supports common functions that can be using in all of the Liquid Series.


Sep 29, 2009 Xocide Alpha Embedded library
Hate spammers, loot ninjas, and everyone in between? Well with LibBlacklist, you can make your addon disable itself with just a few lines of code. How does it work?, Easy! heres an example: -- My Addon MyAddon = LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):NewAddon("MyAddon") MyAddon.enabled = true -- LibBlacklist LBL = LibStub("LibBlacklist") local Blacklist = { ["RealmName"] = { "PlayerName" } } if LBL:checkPlayers(Blacklist) then MyAddon.enabled = false return nil end function MyAddon:OnInitialize() -- MyAddon...
Lorhin in action.


Aug 29, 2009 Carancu Abandoned Embedded library
What is Lorhin? Lorhin is a tool that lets the user show and animate textures, almost every aspect of the animation and how the texture is shown is possible to affect in some way. Lorhin started out as a personal experiment and a try to fix some of the issues I felt Power auras and Avion have (or had when I begun writing Lorhin). So what functionality do Lorhin that is uniqe as of yet? Lorhin have the ability to let the user completly (well, almost, due to how the syntax is interpretated)...


Aug 25, 2009 Nimbal Abandoned Embedded library
LibBuffet keeps track of buffs and debuffs on several units. It is meant as an abstraction layer between the Blizzard API and addons that want to provide a dynamic buff display. Features include: Tracking of buffs and debuffs on (among others): player, target, targettarget, pet, pettarget, raidN, partyN, focus, focustarget Tracking of temporary enchants (weapon buffs like poison) Unique buff identifier impervious to changes of the buff's index Events: BuffAdded, BuffCountChanged,...
Transaction Log v0.1.4

Loan Officer

Jul 15, 2009 Sidrus Abandoned Embedded library
Introduction Loan Officer is an addon for tracking loans made to other characters. I started this addon to track the money my auction house character handed out to my other characters. Loan Officer uses the Ace3 framework under the hood to provide some of the essential services addons need. Have a look at the road map to see what new things are being planned. Beta v0.1.4 The current release of Loan Officer is a beta version of the addon. This means it's basically stable and won't trash your...


Jul 12, 2009 kagaro Abandoned Embedded library
Langoustine is a CtRa/oRa2 replacement. Its inspired by both those mods and supports similar features. Features to be included: Tank windows w/target and optionaly Target of Target [FINAL TWEAKING] ClickCast support for MT frames. [ NEEDS TESTED ] Mass invites by guild rank or level [DONE] Auto promotion of assists [DONE] Auto loot method, with Master looter option [DONE] Ready Check support [DONE] Quick Disband support [DONE] LDB support [ COMING UP NEXT ] Thats it, if you want durability,...


May 19, 2009 Torhal Abandoned Embedded library
This project is deprecated - the LibQTip-1.0 core library now handles all of its functionality in a much cleaner manner. LibQTipClick is a simple interface to LibQTip using the latter library's CellProvider methods to provide support for customizable, mouse-aware cells. The library includes the latest version of LibQTip to facilitate ease-of-use. Features Uses LibQTip as a superset. Customizable per-cell OnMouseDown(), OnEnter(), and OnLeave() functions via callbacks. Documentation Getting...