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Feb 01, 2010 xilcoy Abandoned Embedded library
JukeBox lets you play World of Warcraft's built-in sound files, or those available from other addons using LibSharedMedia-3.0, from a file-browser like window. It can be used just for fun, or by addon developers to find a good built-in WoW sound. The most useful feature for a normal user is the ability to add the built-in sounds to LibSharedMedia-3.0's database. Other addons that use the shared media library will be able to play any WoW sound that the user has added.


Jan 08, 2010 tsigo Abandoned Embedded library
JuggyCompare JuggyCompare is a World of Warcraft addon that makes Juggernaut's Loot Factor data available to officers in-game. This allows more informed loot decisions without forcing each officer to tab out to the website, compare any number of members who sent on an item, and then tabbing back to discuss their opinion with other officers. The loot factor data is pulled from JuggyCompare_Data.lua, and I've included an example of the expected format in case you want to try to replicate it....


May 26, 2009 Compost Abandoned Embedded library
JustPictureIt is a drawing competition minigame/whiteboarding addon. It's in an early development stage, but some of the planned functionality includes: - Invite your friends to play. Each person taking turns, the computer will pick a word for you, and ask you to draw it within a time limit. Points go to the person who guesses the word first + the person drawing it, based on how fast they guess. - Cool advanced drawing features, including transparency, calligraphy-style pens, spray cans,...
  • 3 reverse relationships found