Reverse relationships




Feb 27, 2015 Phanx Release Embedded library
Changes your watched faction based on your current location. Verändert die angezeigte Fraktion basierend auf den aktuellen Standort. Sigue automáticamente la facción asociada con tu lugar actual. Surveiller automatiquement la faction associée à votre position actuelle. Segue automaticamente a facção associado à sua localização actual. Автоматически следить за выполнением фракция связана с вашего текущего местоположения. 현재 위치의 진영을 자동으로 감시합니다. Description Diplomancer changes your watched...


Jan 14, 2015 Stormcats Release Embedded library
A simple damage font changer that has support for LibSharedMedia. Great for people who just want to change the games damage font. A much lighter and simpler addon compared to the big font addons that enable you to change every font in the game. The main idea is to use fonts from SharedMedia, but some fonts are included too. They will be added to sharedmedia, if you have the addon installed. Type /damafont to open the options where you can choose the font you want. Unfortunately it is...

Dungeon Helper

Jan 01, 2015 yess Release Embedded library
Dungeon Helper provides a few helpful improvements to your daily dungeon grinding. Plays an alarm sound when your dungeon invitation pops up (Works with WoW minimized). Shows a dungeon invitation timer. Post the time needed to complete the dungeon into the party chat. "Dungeon completed in: x Minutes" (Optional) Call To Arms Watcher: Announces "Call To Arms" bonus rewards availability of selected roles to your chat or plays a sound. Data Broker Plugin: Dungeon Helper also includes a Broker...

Dumb Knight

Dec 21, 2014 Glought Release Embedded library
News I have uploaded a Alpha version for wod 6.0.2 with some features i was working on for healers to warn the group when then healer is under attack it's kinda spammy I suggest not using the healer feature till I can get a reasonable timing on it. Dumb Knight Checks for All Classes with tanking specs in your group pug that is in tank spec but role is dps. It will whisper the player to get out of tank spec with a random funny message depending on what your role is (tank,dps,healer). It Runs...
Diminishing return icons with Gladius frames


Dec 09, 2014 Adirelle Release Embedded library
Diminishing Returns (DR) helps tracking your teammate and own diminishing returns on hostile players by attaching icons to unit frames. Features display running diminishing returns as icons, showing the diminishing status and remaining time, uses DR category database from DRData-1.0, select which categories to show or enable the learning option so they are detected automatically, (new in v1.1-beta-3) can track diminishing returns on group members, main options and icon layout options are...

Dualspec Profiles

Nov 10, 2014 profalbert Abandoned Embedded library
This addon allows switching to a desired configuration-profile of specific addons when changing specs. The idea originated from Bartender4_Dualspec. This is the more generic version of it. The idea is actually quite similar to LibDualspec-1.0 by Adirelle. The main differences however are: This is not a library, but a standalone addon, that maintains all spec-specific-profile-names at one location. DualspecProfiles automatically supports nearly all Ace2 and Ace3 out of the box....
Daily Grind

Daily Grind

Nov 02, 2014 Deldinor Mature Embedded library
What the heck does this addon do? Daily Grind auto-accepts/completes dailies after you've encountered them at least once by keeping a history. This history is kept across all characters, so even your alts will gain the benefit of your main's questing. Daily Grind includes features like: Pre-selecting reward items for quests that offer a choice Ignoring specific quests (wildcards * are supported) Ignoring all quests on an NPC Easily suspending the addon by holding down a key (CTRL by default)...
Option panel


Oct 18, 2014 alexwild Release Embedded library
DailyQuestHelper auto accepts daily quests and after finishing them it auto complets the quest, just by clicking to the quest giver. DailyQuestHelper is much more simpler and more generic then the old RepeatableQuestHelper. DailyQuestHelper can learn new daily quests just by talking to a quest giver. After learning a new daily quest, the quest appears in the option panel of DailyQuestHelper and can be activated or deactivated, by default, all new learned quests are enabled. The quest giver...


Oct 16, 2014 Barfolomeu Abandoned Embedded library
DirectionArrow Display an arrow that points to a raid/party member anchored to raid frames. Features: Shows an arrow that anchors to a unit frame and points to a party member, raid member, or target. Shows the distance to the unit. Configurable arrow: Size, opacity, relative anchor point, update frequency. Configurable distance text color, size, and drop shadow color. Key binding for sticky targeting. Arrow always points at the specified unit frame when sticky. Known to work with: The default...


Oct 15, 2014 DrKazza Mature Embedded library
Broker launcher that switches specializations when clicked. Also hides spell learning & unlearning spam when swapping specs. You will need a broker display in order to use this properly.
Dark Soil

Dark Soil

Oct 15, 2014 Lockslap Release Embedded library
Stay up to date on all of my addon development by following me on Twitter! As always, if you have any issues with the addon or you have coordinates that aren't in the addon please open a ticket. As featured on WoW Insider! This addon requires TomTom to work. This simple addon will add waypoints to TomTom, based on your current location, of known spawn points for Dark Soil. Donations It takes quite a bit of time on my part to develop and maintain these addons, as well as provide support for...
A random doodle


Nov 14, 2013 Humbedooh Abandoned Embedded library
Doodlepad is a whiteboard addon for drawing doodles on your screen for use with explaining fight strategies, making commentary about videos or just doodling. Doodles can be shared across a party, raid or guild scope in real-time. Features Draw images, strategic maps or just doodles using vector graphics Add text, rectangles, circles and raid icons to your drawings Seamless resizing of any doodle, old or new. Custom colors for everything! Optional instance map overlays for explaining raid...

Daily Quest Tracker

Sep 25, 2013 Corwin_MacGregor Planning Embedded library
Restores Daily Quest Counter and tracks daily quest progression. With the interface changes to the QuestLog Frame in patch 6.0.2, we're going back to the drawing board to figure out how best to integrate our features with the new QuestMap Frame. During this time, we highly recommend disabling our addon until we can release another alpha. We apologize for this inconvenience. Versions 1.x restore the daily quest counter Versions 2.x provide actual tracking of daily quests done
/didit party


Sep 10, 2013 mhberglas Abandoned Embedded library
What does it do? Reports to chat the number of times each party member has killed the final boss in your current 5-player dungeon, taking into account whether it is on heroic difficulty or not. Why does it exist? Regardless whether you are a tank, healer or DPS it helps to know how familiar your party members are with your current dungeon, particularly so for random Dungeon Finder groups. Usage information To use, simply enter the slash command "/didit" once your party is in the instance and...
DrDamage tooltip - All enabled


Sep 10, 2013 Gagorian Abandoned Embedded library
Update 05/24/2013 DrDamage is currently being developed for 5.x. Only monks (of any spec) are not supported. All classes which existed prior to Mists are supported. Current state: Check the Page before providing feedback! DrDamage displays the calculated damage or healing of abilities with talents, gear and buffs included on your actionbar buttons. The addon also adds various statistics to the tooltips in your spellbook and on the...


Apr 18, 2013 simuchimu Abandoned Embedded library
Based on the AffDots addon by Ironfoundersson, this addon helps you choose when to reapply diseases for maximum damage. To open config: '/dkdots' Customization: Layout/size Horizontal or vertical blocks Horizontal bar Colors for Reapplying diseases will deal more damage (default green) Reapplying diseases will deal same damage (default yellowish) Reapplying diseases will deal less damage (default red) Hide or show number Relative: How much better or worse it would be to reapply diseases, with...


Feb 13, 2013 reesonline Deleted Embedded library
Update: As of patch 5.2, this addon is no longer necessary. Bind-on-pickup items are auto-accepted when not grouped. While looting Dark Soil for Tiller rep, I got tired of having to confirm that the loot would be bound to me if I picked it up. Given that there are other creatures (and opposing faction members) waiting to kill me, I wanted to get the loot and get out ASAP. Thus this little addon was born.

dG Killshot

Dec 06, 2012 leech Abandoned Embedded library
dgks or dG Killshot This is a simple mod that notifies you when you get the killshot on another player. It also notifies others in the raid that you got the killshot. It does this by playing the Unreal Tournament sounds. ("Ownage!", "Killing Spree!", "Dominating!", "Unstoppable!", "Godlike!", and "Wicked Sick!") Use /dgks to quickly open to GUI. Or navigate to it through the built in Blizzard game menu. Features: Sound Notifications Plays Unreal Tournament, DoTA, or custom sounds when you get...

Dark Intentions

Nov 27, 2012 Lockslap Abandoned Embedded library
UPDATED FOR 5.0.4!! About This addon is designed to be a lightweight Dark Intent tracker, but with the ability to track other Warlock abilities. It is based on my other Warlock addon Soul Sucker, which I decided did a bit too much. So I completely rewrote the parts that I wanted and thus you have Dark Intentions. Localization Coming Soon! Features Soulstone Tracking! Announces to the raid/party/say, depending on your party status, when you use a Soulstone on someone. Optionally, will announce...
Renaitre Tribal Bars


Sep 26, 2012 Arcanefoam Abandoned Embedded library
DHUD4 is a recode, new features addition and optimization of Drathal's original DHUD. DHUD4 is Heads Up Display Addon that provides 4 sets of bar to display player, target, pet, focus, target of target and/or vehicle health and power, and target range, druid mana when shapeshifted and threat information. Additionally player buffs, target buffs/debuffs and special class abilities are tracked. Two simple cast bars allow player and target casting tracking too. Bar text info and nameplates can be...