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Bunch of Bars In action


Oct 25, 2010 Mininova Abandoned Embedded library
Modular and lightweight party/raid frames.

Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech

Oct 17, 2010 Rinu Abandoned Embedded library
What is Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech? Boss Mod: TTS plays on every important BossMod message a text-to-speech sound file, so you always now why your screen is flashing or what's going on around you. The idea behind the whole thing: Messages are cool but a nice computer voice actually telling you what's happening at the moment is much better! Boss Mod: TTS works with BigWigs, DBM and DXE. Q&A I only want sound messages which are important to me Boss Mod: TTS is hooking the message system of you...
Icon and Tool Tip

Broker: ButtonFacade

Oct 17, 2010 StormFX Deleted Embedded library
Broker: ButtonFacade is a LibDataBroker launcher for ButtonFacade that was created to separate the plug-in from ButtonFacade so that users have a choice in whether or not it's installed. Options Click the icon to open the ButtonFacade configuration window. If you have LDBIcon-1.0 installed, a /bficon chat command will be available that will toggle the mini-map icon. Installation Download the package. Extract the package to your "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns" directory. Note: You must...
Data feed and tooltip


Oct 15, 2010 Adirelle Abandoned Embedded library
Broker_SimpleCurrency provides a simple feed displaying your gold and the tokens shown in your backpack. Hovering over the feed shows a tooltip listing all currencies but the ones marked as unused. Click on the feed to open the Blizzard currency panel so you can change which tokens are shown, Only display data of the current character, No history or whatever. This is a data broker addon that requires a data display addon to display it.
Tooltip display

Broker Hittable

Sep 27, 2010 rindy Abandoned Embedded library
Description Broker Hittable is a LDB data source that is primarily meant for tanks. It provides a text display of your character's total avoidance (miss, dodge and parry) and a detailed Hittable in a tooltip. Features Calculates a hittable for auto attacks from a NPC (mob) against your character Works for any character class and level User-definable mob level Level of current target overrides default level setting (optional) Update frequency is throttled at a definable interval to improve...

Broker Recommended Zone

Sep 18, 2010 LordFarlander Abandoned Embedded library
Displays the zone level range of the zone you are in and also gives you a suggested zone and instances to be in. Based on Fubar_RecZone by wmrojer


Jul 20, 2010 andreasg Abandoned Embedded library
PvP plugin for any DataBroker display.


Jul 20, 2010 andreasg Abandoned Embedded library
Mail plugin for any DataBroker display.
Bayi's Extended Questlog

Bayi's Extended Questlog

Jul 19, 2010 Namdrof Abandoned Embedded library
Description: Extended QuestLog is an extension of the QuestLog. It has a new bigger layout and allows you to watch all 25 quests instead of 10. Bug Reporting: If you find an error, open a ticket on or use the wowace forum at You can login on the sites with your curse account. Translators Wanted If you are interested to translate this project, please visit...


Jul 16, 2010 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
Player buff tracker It displays a list of all raid buffs your class requires (for example it hides Arcane Intellect for Rogues) and whether or not those are active. Inactive buffs are displayed in red and with a MISSING text, active ones are untainted and displayed with their duration. Options can be configured using the /btt slash command. Tracked buffs: Flask Well fed Arcane Intellect Blessings Divine Spirit Mark of the Wild Power Word: Fortitude Shadow Protection Poisons/Imbues
UI Screenshot


May 20, 2010 quasipolymath Abandoned Embedded library
This addon enables the exporting of BeanCounter data to CSV strings for use in your favorite spreadsheet program or statistical tool via a simple cut-and-paste interface within the WoW Client. No external extraction/parsing applications, scripts, or Excel macros are required! Just cut and paste. Inspiration taken from Svengii of Kel'Thuzad's BagExport in developing the concept. The latest version was rebuilt from the ground up in Ace3, and offers major improvements in speed and usability, but...


May 06, 2010 nivfreak Abandoned Embedded library
This Addon requires AVR and BloodQueen. It will draw a follow line with AVR between yourself and the other person involved with a bite. Note: This won't work without a couple of modifications to the BloodQueen addon. Hopefully I can get the changes added.
Bear stand in pic


Apr 24, 2010 conundrum4000 Abandoned Embedded library
This addon was made when a Bear tanking friend of mine, Bomboclaat, asked me why my Ardent Defender addon didn't work for him. I decided to make him an addon for his bear tanking needs, with similar features but absolutely no configuration and extremely lightweight. This addon will: - Announce when you use Berzerk, Survival Instincts, Barkskin, Frenzied Regeneration and Challenging Roar, also lets your group/raid know when the ability has faded. - Lets you know if the NPC you are tanking...


Apr 16, 2010 Rockj Abandoned Embedded library
Broker FriendsChannel A simple LDB for displaying users in a channel on hover, and total number of users in channel. Features: Shift+Rightclick to set note on a player (real name, more familiar nickname etc. etc.). This notes can be set to be either character specific or across all characters. Click to popup /w player chatbox. Features to be added "Soon": Linking Characters (alts) and be grouped under a main by it's player handle or note Integration towards Mapster for friends positions...

Boss Review

Feb 03, 2010 raegx Alpha Embedded library
Boss Review records hostile abilities/spells, summons, emotes, and auras (buff/debuff). This information is displayed in an overview fashion with the ability to look at detail information for any tracked item. Details shown include every time during the encounter the ability was used, the time between uses, and the target of the tracked item if applicable. This information can be used to quickly in game break down encounter timers/cooldowns on abilities, obtain the name of relevant...


Jan 25, 2010 eblume Abandoned Embedded library
Simple language selection Babel is a simple data object that can be placed in any LibDataBroker-capable object viewer. It will add a "launcher", a little goldenfish, that you can click to toggle between your character's spoken languages. If you need any more help using this addon, please let me know, because it was meant to be as simple as an addon could possibly be!
Transit Menu

Broker: Transit

Dec 19, 2009 StormFX Deleted Embedded library
Broker: Transit is a LibDataBroker plug-in that provides access to teleportation spells and items through a right-click menu. Features Dynamically adds spells and items as they're acquired. Disables items and spells that are on cool down and displays the cool down's remaining time in the tool tip. Stores items in a sub-menu in order to keep the primary menu simple. Options Option to toggle the display of icons in the menu. If LDBIcon-1.0 is installed, an additional option will be available...
ruRU screenshot


Dec 13, 2009 ansiik Abandoned Embedded library
Show sorted reputation-list on LDB-tooltip based on FuBar_RepaFu
Tooltip 0.1-beta1


Dec 11, 2009 SunTsu Abandoned Embedded library
Broker: AuctionsToGo Ever wanted to remember which items you put into AH? AuctionsToGo is a small LDB-Addon, which will show you all your auctions on the current realm. It currently is in a early beta state and does not have any fancy functions and only basic tooltip configuration. The rest is still to be done. Or probably it isn't. I quit playing WoW today for time reasons, so I won't pursue any active development, though I will do bug fixes, but I will need somebody to test them, because my...
Ankh count


Dec 09, 2009 Millel Abandoned Embedded library
Description AnkhTimer is a shaman ankh/reincarnation cooldown plugin for any DataBroker display. Supported features -Show the number of ankhs in your bags -Show the current cooldown of your Reincarnation spell -Automatically buy ankhs from vendors (this can be turned off in the configuration menu) -The first time a player visits a vendor that sells Ankhs a popup dialog will show giving the possibility to change default settings (this will only show the first time) -Easy configuration...