Reverse relationships




Apr 01, 2011 Kemayo Abandoned Embedded library
Friends list improvements: notes, remembering the information of offline friends, friend list syncing and backups, and a fubar plugin for it all
Today's audit.


Feb 27, 2011 Alarisha Abandoned Embedded library
Auditor is a nifty addon that tracks your incoming and outgoing money from a variety of sources, and provides an easy to use Data Broker interface to choose whose data you would like to look at, and for what time period. It is, essentially, MoneyFu for those who have obsessive information disorder. Like me. Yes, I *must* know how much I spent on training last week. Why? I dunno. But I must. PLEASE NOTE: Auditor is now made for LibDataBroker (LDB). A list of LDB Display Addons and other addons...
AvaLooTracker GUI


Feb 17, 2011 scrusi Abandoned Embedded library
This is a loot tracking addon for officers of Avalerion on Stormrage EU. Tracks and exports loot that was distributed via EPGP_lootmaster. Since version 0.3.1 you can also track loot that you didn't distribute yourself - as long as EPGP_lootmaster is active. Version 0.3.3 allows for custom export strings. No longer do you need to live with the XML output but you can export in any format you wish - bbcode for your forum for example. For slash commands and other information please check out the...


Feb 08, 2011 andreasg Abandoned Embedded library
Customizable unit frame addon. How to configure the unit frames in 3.0 Press "esc" to open the options menu. Press the "Interface" button. In the interface options window, press the "AddOns" tab. Select "AG Units" from the tree of available addons. Press the "Open AG Units Options" button. This will open the AG Unit Frames options window. (Alternatively, you can write "/aguf" in the chat.) Latest update Hi guys, I know there's still some things missing, like layouts for example. I would have...

Addon Mgr

Feb 01, 2011 matthewf Abandoned Embedded library
Introduction This addon will allow you to load or unload addons without logging out. You can save sets of addons to load, and switch between them easily. Addons can be grouped and selected or deselected with a single click. This addon uses the Blizzard Interface AddOn section to allow configuration. To reach this, bring up the game menu by pressing ESC, select Interface, and then select the AddOns tab. You must still reload your UI to change addons. You do not have to do this by logging out...


Dec 29, 2010 OrionShock Abandoned Embedded library
AutoPartyButtons A basic addon to provide a set of macros for commonly used spells that apply to a role of the group be it in a LFD or Raid. If you want more buttons or something not listed here or in the addon PLEASE POST IT IN COMMENTS For example, for hunters it provides a set of Macro Buttons for MD to Designated tanks. Very basic, not a whole lot implemented. Has base framework to expand on. Each button is Named so the addon can be hidden and used in common macros via /click...
Addon Manager


Oct 13, 2010 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
A simple AceGUI-based in-game addon manager. Type /addon, /addons or /addonmanage in game to bring up the GUI.


Sep 14, 2010 Anyia3 Abandoned Embedded library
Ammo-matique is now obsolete as ammo has been removed from the game altogether. Thank you for your patronage. Ammo-matique Ammo-matique provides automated ammo handling. It can automatically select the suitable ammo type in any particular situation. Additionally, it can alert you when you're running low or out of ammo, in a variety of ways including voice feedback. As if that wasn't enough, it can also help keep your inventory tidy by automatically moving all your ammo to a designated bag!...
Aspect Inspect

Aspect Inspect

Aug 26, 2010 Auldare Abandoned Embedded library
A hunter mod to help you manage your Aspects. Type /ai to get list of commands or play about with interface options panel. Current features; Monitor if you enter combat with Aspect of the Pack/Cheetah active. Check if using Aspect of the Hawk/Dragonhawk and you are going low on mana to switch to Aspect of the Viper. Overlay frame and/or Icon frame to give easy reference to your current active aspect. Sound toggle for alerts. There has been a lot of fixes and changes for the 1.1 version. You...


Jun 17, 2010 Mokhtar Abandoned Embedded library
Acheron_Graph is a plugin to Acheron that provides a new graph-style report for Acheron, it features : - Buffs / debuffs / damage / healing tracks for events already handled by Acheron - HP graph - [Disabled for now]3 Tracks to monitor who was casting what on who at the moment of investigated unit death Warning : for now this is an alpha version reliant on a non-validated version of Acheron, use should be restricted to me and Nickodemus, will update you as soon as Nickodemus has made...


Jun 14, 2010 Mokhtar Abandoned Embedded library
Raid tracker tailored for Asmodeus needs. Take it as is or leave it. Features : - Allows for multilingual raid environment - Configurable dkp computation according to itemId or iLevel - Configurable item blacklist - Exports for EQDKP (the loot export uses a custom format) Two modules : - Module raid (access through /art raid) : tracks raid attendance and loots, Asmodeus has a quite unique concept called priority (we track people who were there at invite time but did not make it in the raid so...
Enemy frames (Gryphon disabled)


May 15, 2010 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
An arena unit frame addon that aims at providing all information necessary to play on a competetive level. Features: Show health, power and cast bars for all units in the arena match...Done Complete configuration GUI...Done Fully mouseover macro compatible...Done Set the action to execute when you click the frame...Done Show the diminishing return status for your classes' CC spells...Done Show whether an enemy can get out of a certain CC or not...Done LibSharedMedia compatible...Done Display...


May 03, 2010 olog Abandoned Embedded library
Note: AVR will be broken in patch 3.3.5. See this AVR (Augmented Virtual Reality) allows you to draw and add lines, circles and other markings on the 3D world itself. All markings may also be shared with others. Suitable for example to mark locations when explaining raid tactics. These marks can even be left visible for the fight itself. Other things you can do with AVR: Draw range circles around you or someone else at any range Clearly mark players close to you Mark any location relative to...


Apr 07, 2010 Saliik Alpha Embedded library
The concept for this mod was inspired by the Enhancement Shaman specific mod ShockAndAwe(Author: Levva). It is meant to bring some of the functionality aspects of that mod to other classes. While you could use this mod for an Enhancement Shaman, it is highly recommended that you use ShockAndAwe, as it has many features which are not available in this mod. For other classes, this mod will give you access to the timer bars seen in ShockAndAwe, for the priority frame features, check out the mod...


Mar 07, 2010 Riokou Abandoned Embedded library
AchievePlanner is an addon that helps you organize and categorize your incomplete achievements. Features: Group achievements into categories: (not implemented fully) Organize your incomplete achievements into custom categories for easy reference. Put achievements into categories by difficulty, type, or whatever you want. Quick Sort: View a list of all of your incomplete achievements sorted in order of most completed to least. While it may not be the best way to decide which achievement to do...


Dec 22, 2009 Starinnia Release Embedded library
Tired of having to constantly retry the dungeon teleport during peak hours? Sick of seeing "Additional Instances cannot be launched, please try again later."? Then this addon is for you. Whenever you fail to start a new instance through the new LFD tool, this addon will retry the teleport five seconds after you get bounced out. This addon should work on all Locales, but the message that the addon prints has not yet been translated. Feel free to submit a translation to me in comments or as a...


Oct 14, 2009 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
Emulates Deadly Boss Mods' Auto-Reply feature for arena matches.
Config screen


Sep 27, 2009 Anyia3 Abandoned Embedded library
AlgalonObserver is the Algalon raid assistant of HordeYakka (Jubei'Thos). It was written before Deadly Boss Mods got all its warnings, and by now there is a certain amount of overlap between the two. It does however provide a few features not currently available in DBM: Collapsing Star health tracking. A dedicated window with health bars for known Collapsing Stars provide at-a-glance overview to help healers and the star-destroyer plan things. Simply "mousing" over a Collapsing Star makes it...


Aug 20, 2009 MerialKilrogg Abandoned Embedded library
Overview AlwaysLFG joins the LFG channel automatically. Just install AlwaysLFG, and type "/join LookingForGroup" if you haven't already. From then on, AlwaysLFG will make sure that you're signed in to the LookingForGroup channel whenever possible. Details What exactly does AlwaysLFG do? WoW requires you to be in an LFG queue in order to have access the LFG channel, but it's often nice to be able to see LFG messages even when you're not specifically looking for a group. AlwaysLFG solves this...


May 20, 2009 Kemayo Abandoned Embedded library
Adds your alts' names to autocomplete fields, such as the send-mail field.