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Apr 24, 2010 Azethoth Abandoned Embedded library
Adds resurrection-incoming, resurrected and soulstone status to Grid2. Uses LibResComm-1.0 so you can see resurrection activity by other users of the lib as well. Forum
GridStatusRes in action


Dec 19, 2011 Phanx Abandoned Embedded library
This addon is no longer maintained or supported. Grid now includes a built-in Resurrection status, so this plugin is no longer needed. GridStatusRes displays resurrections and soulstones in Grid. It is compatible with oRA3, CTRA, SmartRes, and any other addons using LibResComm-1.0.
HealInc example


Oct 01, 2009 DathRarhek Abandoned Embedded library
HealInc is a heals-in-progress monitor. It is made to reduce overhealing on a target. It shows the cast bar of all healers currently casting a heal on your target. It recolours the bar red, orange or green if the casted heal is going to overheal or not. Note. The library uses LibHealComm-3.0 for its communication. While your average raid healer will probably have this installed a version checker is included. Also included is a resurrection monitor. Very much alike to SmartRes (credit to...


Mar 08, 2010 Finghin Abandoned Embedded library
RezzMon is a simple Resurrection Monitor for tracking ongoing resurrections and preventing double resses. It shows a separate castbar for each ongoing resurrection spell including caster and target. Works only in raids and every resser needs to install it or any other Resurrection Monitor like SmartRes2, SmartRes, oRA2, HealInc, oUF_ResComm, GridStatusRes and Grid2StatusRes. The configuration panel can be found in the Blizzard interface options menu.
  • 4 reverse relationships found