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Mana Log


Jan 19, 2011 sylvanaar Abandoned Embedded library
Experiments with mana metering/logging. Formost this tries to monitor actual mana regen. This is not as easy as it sounds since mana regen isnt reported directly by the game. So this addon explores how to measure regen, and experiments with how to manage and utilize the regen data. The intended audiance of this addon is other developers or tech-savvy users who may want to participate or contribute in the effort. Perhaps this might someday be a replacement for regenfu. Current Features 1) Mana...
Tooltip information


Jun 03, 2009 tiemo Abandoned Embedded library
Merchant is an auction house addon that assists with posting auctions and finding specific auctions. Features include: A framework for tracking actions. A basic stats module for calculating auction stats (like item average price). A tooltip module that can be used to display information about items in their tooltip. A Auction House module which features a batch posting interface. Future features include (but are not limited to): More historical data keeping (currently Merchant keeps just the...
  • 2 reverse relationships found