LibPlayerSpells-1.0 is a library providing data about the spells of the 11 character classes. It also includes data about racial and tradeskill spells. The word “spells” is used here in the general sense, it includes active skills as well as passive spells that are found in player spellbooks, but also buffs and debuffs that are not in spellbooks but are applied somehow by player characters.

This library is born from the need to centralize similar data used in several addons to reduce the maintenance cost and to have a better consistency across those addons.

It provides answers to questions like these:

  • Does this spell has a cooldown ?
  • Does this spell applies one or several buff(s) or debuff(s) ? Which ?
  • Is this spell a survival cooldown, or a burst one ?
  • Does this spell regenerate mana or some other power resource ?
  • Is this spell a “raid” buff ?
  • What are the survival buffs of all classes ?
  • What are the interrupting spells of said class ?

Each class has his own data file and can be upgraded separately.

Supported classes/specs

Not all classes and specializations are fully supported yet. Most interrupts, dispels, survival cooldowns and raid buffs are in, but detailled spells are missing for several classes.

Contributions are welcome !


Copy the library files in your addon and list the lib.xml file in the TOC file.

LibPlayerSpells-1.0 uses LibStub, so you can get the library list this:

local LibPlayerSpells = LibStub('LibPlayerSpells-1.0')

Querying one spell information

Then you can get information about a given spell with GetSpellInfo:

local flags, providers, modifiedSpells[, moreFlags] = LibPlayerSpells:GetSpellinfo(spellId)


  • spellId is the numerical spell identifier.
  • flags is a bitfield containing data about the spells (see below).
  • providers is the identifier (or a table of) identifier(s) of the spell(s) to; said otherwise, if the provider is not found in the player’s spellbook, the given spell is unavailable. For example, the provider spell can be a passive spell given by a talent.
  • modifiedSpells is the (or a table of) identifier(s) of the spell(s) affetcted by the given spells.
  • if the given spell is a special case (see below), moreFlags contains another bitfield.

Querying the spell database

One can iterate the database, looking for certain spells, using IterateSpells:

for spellId, flags, providers, modifiedSpells, moreFlags in LibPlayerSpells:IterateSpells(oneOfFlags, requiredFlags, rejectedFlags) do
  -- Do something with the loot

flags, providers, modifiedSpells, moreFlags have the same meaning as the values returned by GetSpellinfo. spellId is obviously the numerical identifier of the current spell.

The three method arguments are used to build a filter. They are bitmask specifications. They can be passed as an numerical bitmask computed using bit.bor and library constants, or an a string containing the flags separated by whitespaces or commas. For example, bit.bor(LibPlayerSpells.constants.HUNTER, LibPlayerSpells.constants.BURST) is the same bitmask as "HUNTER BURST".

IterateSpells lists all spells that:

  • has at least one of the flags listed by oneOfFlags
  • and has all flags listed by requiredFlags,
  • and has none of the flags in rejectedFlags.

If an bitmask is empty or not provided, the correspoding condition is ignored. With no arguments, all spells are listed.


-- Iterate through spells that have a cooldown, are/apply an aura and are either survival or mana-regenerating skills.
for spellId, flags, providers, modifiedSpells, moreFlags in LibPlayerSpells:IterateSpells("SURVIVAL REGEN_MANA", "AURA COOLDOWN") do
  -- Do something with it !


Most spell information are stored in a bitfield, in order to have a compact storage and to easily test or filter spells. The bit value constants are available in the LibPlayerSpells.constants table.

The presence of a specific flag can be tested this way:

if, LibPlayerSpells.constants.AURA) ~= 0 then
  -- This spell is an aura, do something meaningful with it.

However, the library provides a way to easily build flag tests.

Special spell types

These flags indicate special spells, that (will) have additional data.

  • RAIDBUFF: this is a raid buff; additional data is a bitfield indicating the provided buffs (spell haste, critical strike, ...).
  • CROWD_CTL: this is a crowd-control spell; no additional data yet.
  • INTERRUPT: this spell can interrupt spell casts; no additional data yet.
  • DISPEL: this spell can dispel either allies’ debuffs or enemies’ buffs; no additional data yet.
Raid buff flags

These flags are used in the additional data for raids buffs.

  • STATS: strengh, agility and intellect,
  • STAMINA: stamina,
  • ATK_POWER: attack power,
  • ATK_SPEED: attack speed,
  • SPL_POWER: spell power,
  • SPL_HASTE: spell haste,
  • CRITICAL: critical strike,
  • MASTERY: mastery bonus,
  • BURST_HASTE: burst haste (e.g. Bloodlust/Heroism & al).

Spell sources

These flags indicate the source of the spell. The constants are self-explanatory: DEATHKNIGHT, DRUID, HUNTER, MAGE, MONK, PALADIN, PRIEST, ROGUE, SHAMAN, WARLOCK, WARRIOR, RACIAL, TRADESKILL.


These flags hints about the targeting mechanism of the spell. They are exclusive most of the time.

  • HELPFUL: The spell can be cast on any ally, including the player and his pet.
  • HARMFUL: The spell can be cast on any enemy.
  • PERSONAL: The spell automatically targets the player.
  • PET: The spell automatically targets the player’s pet.


  • AURA: The spell applies (or is) a buff on allies, or a debuff on enemies.
  • UNIQUE_AURA: A given character can have only one instance of this (de)buff at a time, even if several players cast the same spell on it, e.g. Hunter’s Mark.
  • COOLDOWN: This spell has a meaningful cooldown, that might worths reminding the player.
  • SURVIVAL: This spell is considered a survival skill.
  • BURST: This spell is considered a burst skill (either damaging or healing).
  • MANA_REGEN: This spell allows it target to recharge his/her mana; e.g. Innervate.
  • POWER_REGEN: This spell allows it target to recharge some kind of power, but mana, e.g. Fervor, Energizing Brew, ...
  • IMPORTANT: Important spell the player should react to
  • INVERT_AURA: The aura logic of this spell is inverted: it applies a debuff on allies or a buff on enemies (this case has yet to be found), e.g. the Weakened Soul applied by Power Word: Shield.


Thanks to ckaotik, Rainrider, mjmurray88, arcadepro for testing and their contributons to class spells.


LibPlayerSpells-1.0 is licensed using GPL v3. This means that any addon using it must have a compatible license (see there).


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Jan 10, 2014
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Sep 14, 2014
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GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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