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Sep 17, 2013 Nevcairiel Release Embedded library
Display front-end for LibGuildPositions-1.0 using HandyNotes
Transparency on - Nagrand


Dec 15, 2009 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
CARTOGRAPHER HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED FOR 3.3!!! DO NOT CREATE BUG REPORTS SAYING IT IS BROKEN! There are no plans to do any major bug fixes for Cartographer (v2 or v3). If there is an update it will only be a minor fix. (It has already been this way since at least 2008.) Cartographer(v2) uses an outdated framework that will not be updated in the case of major breakages so Cartographer(v2) would require a complete rewrite. Neither of the two main developers (Ckknight and Arrowmaster) have the...
Durotar and Barrens

Cartographer 3.0

Aug 05, 2009 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
This is a map addon for World of Warcraft that replaces the map and offers shiny features. The idea is for it to work very much like Google Maps, only in-game. Cartographer 3.0 is brand new, "experimental" version of Cartographer. Video:

Guild Management Tools

Mar 23, 2009 ciscoh Abandoned Embedded library
Guild Manager will be a complete guild management solution. Features will include bank and roster management. This project and "Guild Member" will replace the Guild Management Tools project currently on this site. THIS ADDON IS NOT READY!!!! PLEASE DO NOT DONWLOAD!!! Guild Management tools is very early in development. I am creating this forum thread since i am getting requests for support already. This is partially my fault since i tagged some commits as beta before understanding what that...
  • 4 reverse relationships found