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Ripped GUI (alpha)


Dec 09, 2008 psino Abandoned Embedded library
What is Ripped? Ripped is a tool that assists players with obtaining and keeping a optimal DPS cycle. This comes in handy, even for experienced players in stressful situations or where keeping an overview would be hard (noticing that your important debuff has run out, or reapplying a debuff/buff too early etc). How do I use Ripped? After loading the plugin, use the command /rip gui to open up the configuration menu to set the active strategy (look under the heading Generation and a whole...


Nov 03, 2008 Kriery Abandoned Embedded library
Introduction Nier is World of Warcraft addons which bases on ACE libraries( This awares that which items can increase mounting speed(Mounting gears), and helps players to equip their mounting gears automatically. Dependancy Nier uses ACE libraries, and most of these libraries are embedded in libs directory 08-11-07: Nier depends on LibStub, AceLibrary, AceAddon-2.0, AceOO-2.0, AceEvent-2.0, AceDB-2.0, AceDebug-2.0, AceLocale-2.2, AceModuleCore-2.0, Dewdrop-2.0,...


Oct 12, 2008 CommanderSirow Abandoned Embedded library
Description Register spell cooldowns to more descriptive events. Callbacks Fired :LibCooldownSpell_Start(spellName , spellID, startTime, duration) Arguments spellName:string - Name of triggered spell spellID:number - ID of spell in spellbook (as used by GetSpellName(spellID, bookType) startTime:number - Time when cooldown started (as returned by GetTime()) duration:number - Duration of cooldown until finished Notes Fired whenever one of your spell cooldowns was started...