Extreme Alpha Build!

Please feel free to look at the code, documentation, post comments, suggestions, try out the (at this point limited) API

What it does

LibMapPins-1.0 is a smaller, more lightweight replacement for Astrolabe-1.0, that has these differences:

  • Uses LibStub and CallbackHandler-1.0
  • Embedded/mixed-in functions
  • Open source and community updated
  • Open SVN repository, anyone can commit updates
  • Slimmer and more lightweight, not trying to do everything
  • Supports Metric and Imperial distances
  • Place icons in battlegrounds


The API page.


Ditto here. Is there someone who can or will either teach me how to make docmeta work or update so I can see how it is done?

Forum Discussion

Discuss the code, APIs, callbacks, changes, improvements, ideas, etc on the forum thread.

Current mapIDs

As of patch 5.3, a list of current mapIDs can be found on Please update as new ones are discovered. We need mapIDs for all battlegrounds!



    Libs/LibMapPins-1.0: svn://

toc File

## OptionalDeps: LibMapPins-1.0


Main File

All APIs are embedded, and should be called via the AddOn object, not the library or pin. See below.

local MyAddOn = LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):NewAddon("MyAddOn", "LibMapPins-1.0")

local LMP = LibStub:GetLibrary("LibMapPins-1.0")

function MyAddOn:DoSomething()
    local pin = MyAddOn:CreatePinByMapID(icon, XX.xx, YY.yy, mapID, mapFloor)

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