Raid Tracker

Keeps account of attendance, loot and DKP for raids, parties, battlegrounds, arenas and now solo for questing.

Works with SexyMaps, Minimap Button Frame, Titan Panel, FuBar, and others for easy access menus, and a minimap icon if no other manager or bar is installed. Provides export strings for DKP for most popular DKP posting formats. Supports loot filtering via loot options window /rt io, or on the minimap menu.

 Chat commands:
  /rt      - main window
  /rt o    - options
  /rt io   - item options
  /rt help - help
  /rt hide - hide the application icon

Curse site release updates are working normally again. Raid Tracker, Hellbender DKP, Tell Track, AddOn Studio. Use links to get files same as before. Enjoy.

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  • Avatar of Celess Celess Feb 24, 2011 at 15:49 UTC - 0 likes

    ohhhh you did korean translations before :)

    i made these so they can have translations now too :) L["View Loot"] L["View Raids"]

    Last edited Feb 24, 2011 by Celess
  • Avatar of Celess Celess Feb 24, 2011 at 14:41 UTC - 0 likes

    for bisonai,

    please send me your translations, and ill put support in for both localizing those strings and your language support for those strings. then you can see another way to add those and the rest fo languages can support. your english is fine. ;)

  • Avatar of Celess Celess Feb 24, 2011 at 14:20 UTC - 0 likes

    to kothnok, there was a ton of stuff around the minimap and menues too, due to drop of support for rocklib. and all that kind of thing. and some stuff dealign wiht sending tells. you did awsome. thank you.

  • Avatar of Celess Celess Feb 24, 2011 at 14:16 UTC - 0 likes

    good catch on the level 85 thing. lol. youd think id remember that by now. ;)

    thanks to everyone else too. I'm going through all the messages ive gotten. Ive still not added the raids.. sorry. and im not sure why it woudltn do translations fo the boss names as the infrastructure is the same.

    for anyone doing translations, especially fr es de and ru, please look at teh localization files and compare tings missing that have been missing for a long time to help the general triggers vs english. those really only need to be done once.

  • Avatar of bisonai bisonai Feb 13, 2011 at 09:32 UTC - 0 likes

    Celess, glad you have been waiting to come back.
     I read English composition is a clumsy and you can understand if you do not know.

    The RaidTracker of the main window, the button can be localized to propose a way.
    I personally use it and it was added. But in a different language can be used for user deulegedo local language would provide a convenience I think.

    In raidtracker.lua File Function RaidTracker: FrameUpdateView () Function to find the opening in the window if chugahaeju, the language is defined in a local file by changing the display language.

        RT_DetailFramePlayersTab1:SetText(L["Player name"])
        RT_DetailFramePlayersTab2:SetText(L["First join"])
        RT_DetailFramePlayersTab3:SetText(L["Last leave"])
        RT_DetailFrameItemsTab1:SetText(L["Item name"])
        RT_DetailFrameItemsTab2:SetText(L["Time looted"])
        RT_DetailFrameRaidsTab1:SetText(L["Raid date"])
        RT_DetailFrameEventsTabBoss:SetText(L["Kill date"])
        if (RaidTrackerFrameViewButton:SetText("View Items")) then     RaidTrackerFrameViewButton:SetText(L["View Items"])
        else     RaidTrackerFrameViewButton:SetText(L["View Players"]) end

    Last edited Feb 13, 2011 by bisonai
  • Avatar of kothnok kothnok Feb 12, 2011 at 16:06 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey Celess, good to have you back working on this. =)

    I authored many of the changes found in Shadowwolf's link (which still works, btw). I performed a file compare and you caught almost everything that should change. A couple of things you missed were

    • In UI_Options.xml, you need to change maxValue from 80 to 85 in the line: <Slider name="$parent_LevelMax" inherits="RT_SliderTemplate" minValue="1" maxValue="85" valueStep="1">
    • In Data.lua, LevelMax should be changed from 80 to 85.

    I had missed one of the changes you made (a 'this' var being used in UI_Button) in my interim update of RaidTracker. After you get the level max changed to 85, all should be right as rain (... til the next patch at any rate ;) )

    Last edited Feb 12, 2011 by kothnok
  • Avatar of Celess Celess Feb 11, 2011 at 23:37 UTC - 0 likes

    Also toward Agramonia and shadowwolf, special thanks. I cant see what shadow did since the link is gone now. Bfor Agra that was a good find, and nearly completely the right thing. THe problem ran deeper but yu found the essence of what was causing 99% of the issue. There were a few places left I had somehwo missed removing argX dependancies pre cata. I know the code is farly complicated and some places hard to read on some ways, of course tryign to keep it light and compact for performance, so its amazing you got to that.

    If you are curious, argX globals were finally removed wiht oneof the patches for cata, and the variable arg '...' needed to be passed down the call chain, as those functions were sort of handlng events in the background as sort of proxies. The op of the function for that particular part needed to scrape the arg off od the var arg list like arg1 = select(1,...) while leaving it in the var arg list, so the original arg coudl propagate down the chain. I had to actually fix a few places like that. You can see the result int eh current code.

    You guys are wonderful. Thanks you

  • Avatar of Celess Celess Feb 11, 2011 at 23:28 UTC - 0 likes

    A lot shoudl have been fixed by the changes i meade to get it up to 4.0.x level. I sencerely apreciate everyting every one did to make it go while i was gone. This means a lot to me. For whatever is left please let me know. :)

  • Avatar of bisonai bisonai Oct 30, 2010 at 20:18 UTC - 0 likes

    Thank, Agramonia!
    but, the error is identical to version 4.0.1.
    As add-on loading error occurs.

    Message: Interface\AddOns\RaidTracker\Data.lua:16: attempt to index global 'LibKarma' (a nil value)
    Stack: Interface\AddOns\RaidTracker\Data.lua:16: in main chunk
    Locals: (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = "attempt to index global 'LibKarma' (a nil value)"

    Last edited Oct 30, 2010 by bisonai
  • Avatar of Agramonia Agramonia Oct 30, 2010 at 18:58 UTC - 0 likes

    After some investigation, I managed to make this mod work again.

    Just adapt RaidTracker\libs\LibKarma-1.0\LibKarma-1.0.lua

    Find: function LibKarma:OnEvent( frame, event, ... )

    Replace with: function LibKarma:OnEvent( frame, event, arg1, ... )


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