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This project is abandoned.

Whether this project is out of date or its author marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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Buff display with standard action bar

I have been working for a few months on a new project that is quite similar to Inline Aura : AdiButtonAuras. Even though it does not have the same class and spec coverage than Inline Aura yet, it can handle the subtleties of some specs. I concentrate my efforts on AdiButtonAuras and abandon Inline Aura.

Inline Aura displays aura information directly inside action buttons. It is heavily inspired from two addons writen by Tuller: OmniCC and the former Buff module of Dominos.


  • color the button border depending on aura type and caster:
  • buff cast by the player: green border,
  • buff cast by other players: cyan border,
  • debuff cast by the player: red border,
  • debuff cast by other players: yellow border.
  • use Blizzard animated glow for talent procs.
  • display aura remaining time as a countdown inside the action button, à la OmniCC or along the bottom side if OmniCC is used,
  • display aura application time in the bottom-right corner,
  • display additional useful information: holy power, soul shards, eclipse energy and combo points.
  • mimics built-in target selection, taking into account spell type (helpful/harmfull) and self/focus key modifiers as well as the auto self cast setting.
  • support macro targets, though it is restricted to "@target", "@player", "@pet", "@focus" and "@mouseover". For performance reasons, "@mouseover" support is disabled by default ; enable it if you really use it.

Other addon support

  • support default Blizzard action bars, Dominos and any action bar addon using built-in Blizzard code.
  • support Bartender4 and any action bar addon using LibActionButton-1.0.
  • support (Lib)ButtonFacade.
  • compatible with OmniCC, CooldownCount and tullaCC.


  • graphical configuration through Blizzard addon options. Use "/inlineaura" to open it directly.
  • optional spell specific configuration.
  • helpful defaults for most classes ; if you don't like them, just disable the "InlineAura_Defaults" addon.

Known issues and limitations

  • Inline Aura does not work with non-standard action buttons, like those created by Macaroon.
  • Inline Aura uses spell names instead of numerical spell IDs since not all Blizzard API works with spell IDs. Sometimes it may detect the wrong spell.
  • Inline Aura cannot display different (de)buffs with different settings (e.g. different highlight effect or text position) in the same button.
  • Moreover all buttons use the same text position settings.
  • Inline Aura may have issue with some ButtonFacade/Masque skins. This depends on the skins and there is no way to fix them in Inline Aura.
  • Inline Aura has a limited support of ElvUI buttons.
  • They have been a lot of reports about Blocked Addon messages, please take a look at ticket #286.
  • If Inline Aura seems to cause a big FPS loss, please install an error-handler addon (see below).

Suggestions and feedback

There is a forum thread for discussion ; please use the ticket system for bug reports (see below). You can help localizing the configuration interface. Your Curse account works on

Bug reports or suggestions can be submitted using the WowAce ticket system. However, while doing so, please :
Ensure you are using the latest available version of Inline Aura (including beta ones, available in the Other downloads tab). If you are using an old version, update it to check if your problem has been fixed.
Check that your issue is not listed in the "Known issues and limitations" section above.
Use some kind of error handler: you can enable built-in Lua error display or install a error-handler addon, like the BugGrabber + BugSack couple, Swatter (shipped with any Norganna's addon) or ImprovedErrorFrame. Join any error message related to Inline Aura in your bug report.
Submit a proper description. "This is not working anymore. Fix it !" is not a proper description.

Any issue not respecting these conditions will be rejected without further notice.


I would like to thanks Tuller for the original idea and Avitus, Contrebasse, Gaff3, Moozhe, brotherhobbes, Citlalin, Phanx, crymson, Thrael, FreakPsych, nulian and a lot of other people for testing and useful feedback.


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Feb 01, 2009
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Sep 21, 2013
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