RetardCheck - Inspect Report Window

Have you ever charged into a boss fight, only to discover you're an idiot and forgot something crucial?
This mod checks your character and gear before boss pulls to make sure nothing is wrong, and yells at you in various humorous ways if you're being an idiot. It goes into considerable depth and checks many things not checked by traditional raid buffing addons.

You might be an idiot if you've ever gone into a boss fight...

  • With a broken weapon
  • Wearing a fishing pole, chef's hat, or teleport item
  • Wearing your pvp gear
  • With a dead pet
  • With an inactive meta gem
  • Without your hit/expertise trinket equipped
  • Without an enchant or gem on that new item
  • Without your profession-related gear buffs
  • Without a belt buckle
  • Missing talent points
  • With glyphs for the wrong spec
  • With a flask for the wrong spec
  • Without your class self-buffs
  • Much, much more...

All checks can be individually enabled/disabled and configured. By default it checks your gear when you first target a boss or receive a ready check. The addon itself is very lightweight and fast, and never runs during combat.

IdiotCheck is meant to complement, but not replace, traditional raid buffing tools like BigBrother and RaidBuffStatus. It focuses on making sure you are doing your job, and not what other players are doing or not doing (if they are being idiots make them download the addon as well).

Starting in version 3.0, IdiotCheck can also scan inspection targets and group members for a limited set of failures. Note that checking via inspection/scanning is less thorough than self-checks, due to limitations in the Blizzard inspection API. This feature is provided as a convenience, but for the most accurate results all players to be checked should install the addon.

Installation and Usage:

  • Install as usual
  • Left-click the icon to run a self-check manually
  • Middle-click the icon to scan your current group members within inspection range
  • Right-click the icon on the minimap or LDB for settings (defaults are good for most purposes)
  • Command-line options are also available via: /ic

<Fables> on US-Antonidas, for ideas, testing, and demonstrating all the ways to be an idiot
Silver Letomi for media assistance

Sound Credits:
All sounds files are copyright their respective authors and used by permission.
Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee Ermey
Silver Letomi

Warning about content:
This addon is essentially a drill instructor for your raid play. It works by yelling at you when you screw up, so that other players don't have to. This addon includes occasional use of strong language, which is not intended for children or other people who are easily offended. Do not submit complaints, we're not going to change it for you. If you are easily offended do not download this addon. Better yet, quit wow and go play Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Featured in an awesome parody by SilverLetomi!!
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