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A Brief History of Grid

Follow me back in time to early October 2006. The Burning Crusade is expected to arrive in late November, and we've just found out that emergency monitors (like Squishy) and smart debuff curing (like Detox) aren't going to work when the expansion is released due to some fairly major changes in the UI.


Action buttons and targeting frames are "protected", and may not be programmatically moved, shown or hidden, or have their action changed while in combat.

Maia starts discussing ideas for a new addon to replace Squishy and Detox. This new addon is Grid.

It is compact.
A compact grid of units lets you select a target quickly.
It displays as much information as possible without overloading the user.
A good healer needs a lot of information to make healing decisions.
It is customizable.
You should be able to see what you want, where you want, how you want.
It is modular.
The easier it is to add new features, the more likely features will be added.

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Apr 13, 2010
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Apr 13, 2010