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FAQ and Known Issues Phanx Phanx Dec 20, 2012
This page is intended to answer some frequently asked questions about Grid, and list some known issues (or issues that are commonly mis-reported as bugs when they are not actually bugs). Please do not submit tickets about issues listed on this page. If you have suggestions regarding this page, please post in the forum thread. Frequently Asked Questions How to add more buffs/debuffs Grid can track and show any buff or debuff, not just the pre-configured ones. To add another buff: Open the Grid...
How to report a bug in Grid Phanx Phanx Mar 05, 2013
Following these instructions will ensure that your bug report is useful, and that we can find and fix the problem quickly! 1. Check the FAQ and list of known issues. Please do not submit new reports about listed known issues. 2. Check to see if the bug was already reported. Please do not submit new reports about issues that already have an open ticket. Instead, check the open ticket to see if you can provide any more information that the original submitter did not provide. The more...
Information for Plugin Authors Phanx Phanx Apr 13, 2010
This page needs some attention! If you'd like to volunteer to flesh it out, drop by the forum thread or send me (Phanx) a PM. Each status consists of the following: name The internal name used by Grid to identify the status. description The name displayed in Grid's menus. priority A number from 0 (lowest) to 99 (highest). range (optional) If specified, the status will only be shown if the unit is within range yards of the player. color A color (including alpha) to be used when the status is...
List of Grid Plugins Phanx Phanx Jul 01, 2014
This page is intended to list all of the available plugins for Grid. If you know of a plugin that isn't listed here, you can let us know in the WowAce forum thread. Status Plugins These plugins add new statuses, to extend what information Grid can show you. GridStatusAFK Adds AFK status to Grid frames. WowAce / Curse GridStatusAncientBarrier Tracker for Ancient Barrier on Malkorok encounter. CurseForge / Curse GridStatusAtramedes Shows current corruption (on Cho'gall) or sound (on Atramedes)...
Main Pastamancer Phanx Dec 12, 2013
❴ Bug Reports ❵ ❴ Suggestions ❵ ❴ Comments ❵ Grid is a compact and highly configurable party/raid unit frame addon. The compact grid of units lets you select a group member quickly, while keeping a good overview of the whole group. It shows as much information as possible without overloading you. It allows you to customize what information you see, and how you see it. It works in both party and raid groups, and supports pets and vehicles. Want more features? The Grid core tries to include...
User's Guide Apr 13, 2010
A Brief History of Grid Phanx Phanx Apr 13, 2010
Frequently Asked Questions Phanx Phanx Oct 25, 2010
Getting Started With Grid Phanx Phanx Apr 13, 2010
Layout Customization Pastamancer Phanx Apr 13, 2010
Third-Party Resources Pastamancer Phanx Apr 13, 2010
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