Allow multiple simultanous auctions

Always show the "Hide" button on bid frames


Anchor balance window to status window

Announce auction start to raid warning

Announce & auto-auction

Announce bids to raid warning

Announce loot

Announce the current pot amount after each auction

Any money subtracted from raid members is added to the pot and vice versa

Appearance options

Are you sure you want to mail %s gold to player %s?

Auction bid timeout refresh

Time the auction timer is reset to each time a bid is recieved

Auction history

Auction note: %s

Auction timeout

Auto-award loot to winner

Auto bid

Award loot to Master Looter when auto-auctioning


Behaviour options


Bid button re-enable delay

Broadcast rules

Cancel auction

Cannot start auction without Master Looter privileges.

 |cffaa0000(Distribute: %dg)|r

Control panel scale

Countdown timer announce interval

Current bid: 


Do not announce

Do you want to save your pot or reset without saving? You can also add a note to the pot.

Due to the changes to the addon message system implemented in patch 4.2, GDKPd is no longer able to communicate using its old version checking standard.
Thus, this version of GDKPd will only be able to send and receive version checks from and to versions 1.2.0 and above of GDKPd.
While all other functionalities of GDKPd should still be compatible with previous versions, we |cffff0000strongly recommend updating GDKPd to version 1.2.0 or above|r.


Enter the amount you want to add to player %s:

Enter the amount you want to add to the pot:

Enter the amount you want to subtract from player %s:

Enter the amount you want to subtract from the pot:

Enter the maximum amount of money you want to bid on %s: