FuBar uClock is my own personal re-write of FuBar ClockFu, with all the cruft removed.

- It can show realm time and/or local time on the FuBar.
- It shows today's date aswell as realm time and local time in it's tooltip.
- It toggles the in-game Time Manager (stop watch, alarm clock etc) if clicked.
- It toggles GroupCalender (if installed) or the in-game Calendar if shift-clicked.

Options can be found in the dropdown menu, accessed by right-clicking the plugin.
- Choose which time format(s) you want shown in the data feed.
- Choose whether to show seconds or not.
- Choose whether to have the time shown in 12hr or 24hr format.

For LDB fans a Broker version of uClock can be found here.

Please direct all feedback to the issues hub.


Date created
Dec 23, 2008
Last updated
Nov 13, 2011