Gives one single number (GearRating) to indicate the quality of a character's gear.

I will eventually convert this to a Broker addon, but for now here is a v4.3 compatible version for Fubar.

I currently am using the "Fubar replacement for Fubar2Broker" and then "Fubar2Broker" to make this viewable as a Broker LDB.  Both addons are available via Curse.

Fubar_GearRating basically takes the sum of your iLevel for items, and applies factors depending on whether or not the item is green, blue, epic or legendary.

Greens currently get 80% of the iLvl for an item.
Blues get 92.5% of the iLvl for an item.
Epics get 100% of the iLvl for an item.
Legendary items get 130% of the iLvl for an item.

GR     = GearRating     ((TCIL2 / 12.585) * 1.3) + 1.3

TCIL2  = sum of all adjusted iLvl values

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Date created
Sep 29, 2008
Last updated
Nov 30, 2011