Enchant Check

Enchant Check allows you to quick-check your gear or the gear of the player you are currently inspecting: It shows a short report which tells you:

  • If all equipped gear is enchanted
  • If all sockets have gems (including belt buckle)
  • If there are any empty equipment slots
  • If you wear items with very low item-level compared to your average item-level (e.g., Fishing Poles, Cooking Hats)

For your character, it also considers Blacksmith sockets and Enchanter rings if applicable.

It does NOT tell you, whether you chose the right enchants, gems, or items. It simply serves as a quick way to tell you where you need to have a look at.

Changes in v0.7:

  • Added an automated self-check upon entering an instance at max level. If something needs attention, it is reported to the chat window.

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Date created
Feb 09, 2013
Last updated
Oct 05, 2013