Raid Frames

Not just for priests! Works for Holy Radiance, Chain Heal, and Wild Growth!

ElvUI PriestAoe is a direct adaptation of Slaren's GridStatusPriestAoe! So thank you Slaren for the inspiration!

The main plugin settings are under /ec then go to ElvUI PriestAoe. There you will find all the settings for Prayer of Healing, Circle of Healing, Chain Heal, Holy Radiance, and Wild Growth.

Note that this only works with ElvUI RAID frames. There is NO party frame support. I recommend that you setup your raid frame to either always in any group (or all the time). If you want to do this under ElvUI settings, go to raid frame settings and put in the visibility edit box: "show" (no quotes) if you want the frames on all the time or "[@raid2, exists] show; hide" (no quotes) if you want it to show in raid groups. I removed the Raid-40 support temporarily because the whole Beta didn't have Raid-40 frames. I might add it back if needed and requested. Or you could, again, just setup your main raid frames to handle the 40 man.

The settings for placement of the icons on your raid frames can be found under the main setting tabs or under /ec -> Unit Frames -> Raid Frames -> (Pull down box) ElvUI Priest Aoe.

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Oct 19, 2013
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Jun 23, 2015
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