6.0 and Warlords of Draenor

This addon will not be updated for 6.0/WoD. In 6.0+ Death Knight diseases will no longer snapshot their strength. They update dynamically so there is no need to track their strength.

The Soul Reaper vs. Howling Blast functionality is also not needed now.


DK Diseases will track your diseases on your target or focus. It provides both a numeric and color-coded indicator of the disease strength. The indicators help you know when you should re-apply your diseases to increase your damage.

You can choose either the block or bar display. It is highly configurable so check the settings to adjust the display to your preference.

Block Display Bar Display

Disease Strength Tracking

For Death Knights, the damage done by diseases is "snapshot" at the time it is applied or refreshed. The value of each tick of the disease is calculated using data such as attack power, mastery, Cinderglacier buff, and crit chance. If the game calculates a tick will be 1000 damage then each tick will do that much damage until the disease expires or is re-applied, even if one of those values changes.

During a fight there are several reasons why those values can change: Rune of the Fallen Crusader procing, trinket procs, weapon enchant procs, etc. Regardless of the reason, it may be a DPS increase to re-apply diseases when the extra strength / damage of the diseases exceeds the cost of re-applying them. To reapply the disease you must use a GCD and possibly a rune to refresh them. The increase in the damage of the diseases should exceed the damage done by the ability being sacrificed. That can be a fairly complicated evaluation. This addon helps you determine when you can refresh diseases and gain more damage. The threshold percent (i.e., the point where the indicator turns green) is set at 10% as this is approximately what simulations show to be a reasonable point where re-applying yields more DPS than using the time and resources for an extra damaging ability.

Disease Strength Tracking provides variable benefit based on spec. Obviously, Frost is often re-applying Frost Fever because of Howling Blast. That will diminish the value of tracking the diseases. Unholy will benefits greatly because it only uses diseases for damage and they are not re-applied as a part of the rotation. Blood can track disease strength to possibly boost damage , especially with Vengeance changes, and it works well with the Roiling Blood talent.

Special Mechanics

By default, DK Diseases will remove the Tricks of the Trade buff from the calculated values since it no longer applies to disease damage.

Soul Reaper vs Howling Blast

Version 0.6 adds a Soul Reaper vs Howling Blast indicator for Frost spec. It calculates the value of Howling Blast vs the total damage of Soul Reaper. It is dynamic and should indicate when Howling Blast is more damage than Soul Reaper.

It has the following options in addition to its size and location:

  • Value: show the calculated values to verify it is correct.
  • Percent: The percent of the target's health at which to show the indicator. Default is 35% but can be adjusted.
  • Always Show: Show the indicator regardless of target's health level.

It dynamically adjusts the value for relevant conditions such as:

  • Physical vulnerability on the target (i.e., Ebon Plaguebringer, Brittle Bones, etc.)
  • Magical vulnerability on the target (i.e., Curse of Elements, Master Poisoner, etc.)
  • Frost vulnerability on the target (i.e., Razorice)
  • Your mastery
  • Your attack power
  • Your average weapon damage

If you believe the calculated value it not correct, please post a ticket and provide as much detail as possible.

Issues / Feedback

For enhancement or issues, please use the ticket tracker.

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