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English: These are the settings concerning the list of afflicted units displayed beneath the "Decursive" bar.

To move this list you need to move the little "Decursive" frame. Some of the settings below are available only when this frame is displayed. You can display it by typing |cff20CC20/DCRSHOW|r in your chat window.

Once you have set the position, scale and transparency of the live-list you can safely hide Decursive's frame by typing |cff20CC20/DCRHIDE|r.
Displayed in the option panel above the live-list related settings
Current Simplified Chinese: 这是显示在Decursive条下面受影响目标的相关设置列表。

要移动这个列表,你需要移动小型Decursive框体。下面有些设置只有在框体显示时可用,你可以通过在聊天窗口里输入 |cff20CC20/DCRSHOW|r 来显示它。

一旦你设定好了实时列表的位置、缩放及透明度,你可以通过输入 |cff20CC20/DCRHIDE|r 来安全地隐藏Decursive框体。
Translated by mizunashiha Apr 17, 2013
Previous Simplified Chinese: 实时列表选项
Translated by ananhaid Nov 19, 2012
Previous Simplified Chinese: 关于实时列表的选项设置。
Translated by Archarodim Nov 19, 2012
English: Check this if you want to edit the internal macro Decursive will use for the custom spell being added.

Note: Checking this allows you to modify spells managed by Decursive.

If a spell is already listed you'll need to remove it first to enable macro editing.

(---For advanced users only---)
Current Simplified Chinese: 勾选此项如想编辑内置宏 Decursive 将使用自定义法术。

注意:检查此项允许 Decursive 管理修改法术。
Translated by ananhaid Aug 16, 2013