Combo Points Redux

Combo Points Redux is a numeric and graphical display for your combo points (and other similar mechanic abilities) based on the excellent numeric-only addon BasicComboPoints.

Slash Command

/cpr or /cpredux


  • Numeric and graphical display of your combo points
  • Works for vehicle combo points (ex. Malygos Phase Three)
  • Numeric display and graphical display are independently movable
  • Many icon choices for the graphical display
  • Also tracks many other stacking buffs/debuffs including
    • Death Knights: Bone Shield and Shadow Infusion
    • Druids: Lunar Shower, Wild Mushroom and Lacerate
    • Hunters: Frenzy Effect and Ready, Set, Aim...
    • Mages: Arcane Charge and Fingers of Frost
    • Monks: Chi
    • Paladins: Seal of Truth and Holy Power
    • Priests: Serendipity, Evangelism and Shadow Orbs
    • Rogues: Deadly Poison, Bandit's Guile and Initiative
    • Shaman: Fulmination, Maelstrom Weapon and Tidal Waves
    • Warlocks: Soul Shards and Burning Embers
    • Warriors: Meat Cleaver


If you want another module for a spell please file them as tickets on WoWAce. It makes my life easier! Thanks!

Bug reports are also best made as a ticket.


Currently the addon will work in all locales, but the options screen is not translated on all clients. If you would like to help translate the options screen you can submit translations with the new localization tool at wowace.

WoWAce Localization Tool

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Date created
Jan 19, 2009
Last updated
Feb 25, 2013