NOBLE_VENDOR Alliance visit Azure Watch, Goldshire, Kharanos or Teldrassil. Horde visit Bloodhoof Village, Brill, Fairbreeze Village or Razor Hill.

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NORMAL Only available from the Normal version of this boss.

NOTSCANNED You have not yet scanned this collection. Please open this collection and click on Scan.

NOT_YET_SCANNED Not yet scanned!

Noxious Whelp


Nyxondra's Broodling

Obtained From

Ogunaro Wolfrunner

Old Whitenose

Olut Alegut

OLYMPICS Only available during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

OOZING_BAG Available from Oozing Bag, dropped off Oozes, Slimes and Sludges.  Highest drop rate is from Flesh Hunters in AQ 20.


Orumo the Observer

OVERWATCHCE Available from Overwatch's CE.



Paul North

PETBATTLEDAILY Available from the Sack of Pet Supplies, given when completing Pet Battle dailies.

PETTAMER Availble from Gentle San in Shrine of Two Moons (60.8, 23.4) and Sara Finkleswitch in Shrine of Seven Stars (86.4, 60.0)

PICKPOCKET Pick pocketted from various mobs.

PILGRIMS_BOUNTY Do Pilgrim's Bounty dailies. The item can randomly be found in the reward bag for completing them.

"Plucky" Johnson

PLUSHIE Available via purchasing the Plushie from the Blizzard Gear Store.


Pol Amberstill



Primal Direhorn

Primal Direhorn Hatchling

PRIMAL_EGG Available randomly from a Primal Egg, dropped by Devilsaurs, Direhorns, and Skyscreamers on Isle of Giants.

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