Display Exclusions

DISPLAY_OPTIONS_DESC Allows you to customize how the GUI behaves.

Distressed Sunreaver Construct

Donni Anthania

Dormus the Camel-Hoarder


Doru Thunderhorn

Drake Dealer Hurlunk

Dread Commander Thalanor

Dread Ship Vazuvius

Driz Tumblequick

Durgan Thunderbeak

Ebon Whelp

Echo of Murmur

Eliza Killian


Eroded Cliffdweller

Eternal Kilnmaster

EUPROMO Was available via various EU Promos.

Evol Fingers

EXCLUDECOUNT_DESC Include excluded collectables in the count of total collectables.

EXPANDALL_DESC Maximize all collectables listed below.

EXPANSION_DESC_FORMAT Show collectables released in %s.

EXPANSION_FILTER_FORMAT Shows a selection of %s reputations to include in the scan.

FACTION_DESC_FORMAT Include collectables which must first be obtained by %s players.

Faldoc Stonefaith

Fedryen Swiftspear

FILTER_CLOSE_DESC Close filter option panel.

FILTERCOUNT_DESC Include filtered collectables in the count of total collectables.

FILTER_DESC_FORMAT Toggles display of %s collectables.

FILTERING_BINDING_DESC Configuration for which types of binding are included in the scan.

FILTERING_GENERAL_DESC Configuration for several more general filter types.

FILTERING_ITEM_DESC Configuration for which item types are included in the scan.

FILTERING_MISC_DESC Configuration for miscellaneous options which are also present in the display options.

FILTERING_OBTAIN_DESC Configuration for which methods of obtaining collectables are included in the scan.

FILTERING_PLAYERTYPE_DESC Configuration for items matching which player types are included in the scan.

FILTERING_QUALITY_DESC Configuration for which quality types are included in the scan.

FILTERING_REP_DESC Configuration for which reputation reward collectables are included in the scan.

FILTER_OPEN_DESC Open filter option panel.

FIONA'S_CHARM Complete the quest Fiona's Lucky Charm, then with the buff kill anything and everything for Hidden Stashes, which have a chance of containing Mr. Grubbs.