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Dama Wildmane

Dame Evniki Kapsalis


Darba the Crone

Darkmoon Rabbit

DARTSNEST Found in Dart's Nest - 4 spawn locations all close by 46.5, 17.2

Dawn-Seeker Alkset

Dawn-Seeker Krek

Day of the Dead


Dealer Rashaad

Deathguard Netharian

Defias Pirate

Demisette Cloyce

Derrick Brindlebeard

Deviate Guardian

Deviate Ravager

Dhugru Gorelust

DIABLOCE Available via the Diablo 3 Collector's Edition.

DIREHORN The mob this mount drops from can spawn in 1 of 4 spots randomly: Townlong Steppes: 36.6, 85.6, Dread Wastes: 47.2, 61.6, Kun-Lai Summit: 75.0, 67.6, Jade Forest: 52.6, 19.0

Disabled Sunreaver Construct

DISGUSTING_JAR Chance at this collectable from Disgusting Jar every 3 days.

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Distressed Sunreaver Construct

Donni Anthania

Dormus the Camel-Hoarder


Doru Thunderhorn

Drake Dealer Hurlunk

Dread Commander Thalanor

Driz Tumblequick

Durgan Thunderbeak

Ebon Whelp

Eliza Killian

EUPROMO Was available via various EU Promos.

Evol Fingers