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Corporal Arthur Flew

COT Located in the Caverns of Time under Tanaris.

Crafticus Mindbender

Craggle Wobbletop

CRANENEST Chance of dropping from Crane Nests on Timeless Isle - they can be found under trees near groups of various Cranes.

CRIMSON_SPORE Available from the Strange Spore in Gorgrond at 57.1, 65.3.

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CURIOUS_DEATHWEB_EGG This object is available at 66.6, 86.9 in Talador.

Daenrand Dawncrest

Dama Wildmane

Dame Evniki Kapsalis


Darba the Crone

Darkmoon Rabbit

Darktide Boneshell

Darktide Husk

DARTSNEST Found in Dart's Nest - 4 spawn locations all close by 46.5, 17.2

Dawn-Seeker Alkset

Dawn-Seeker Krek

Day of the Dead


DAZZLING_ROD Found in Tanaan Jungle at 42.8, 35.4

Dealer Rashaad

Deathguard Netharian

DECEPTIA This object is available at 58.9, 12.0 in Talador.

Defias Pirate


Demisette Cloyce

Derrick Brindlebeard