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English: Irisee
Current French: Irisee
Translated by lastdans Nov 04, 2009
English: Include Excluded
Current French: Intégrer les exclus
Translated by Pettigrow Nov 22, 2009
English: Include Filtered
Current French: Intégrer les filtrés
Translated by Pettigrow Oct 23, 2009
English: Imperial Python
Current French: Python impérial
Translated by Pettigrow Nov 02, 2013
English: Randomly available via the Invaders Forgotten Treasure when completing the weekly quest Gold Victory - Level 100 Invasion.
No current translation for French
English: Ik-Ik the Nimble
No current translation for French
Key: INN
English: Reward from a quest available from the Inn in the Garrison.
No current translation for French
  • 7 phrases found