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English: Winaestra
Current German: Winaestra
Translated by Schnaks Oct 28, 2009
English: World Drop
Current German: Welt-Drop
Translated by Freydis88 Dec 23, 2009
Previous German: Welt Drop.
Translated by mySebbe Nov 17, 2009
Key: WWI
English: Available from a past World Wide Invitational.
Current German: Erhältlich aus einem vergangenen Worldwide Invitational.
Translated by DirtyHarryGermany Jan 20, 2013
English: Wanderer's Festival
Current German: Wanderfest
Translated by DirtyHarryGermany Jan 18, 2013
English: Will Larsons
Current German: Will Larsons
Translated by DirtyHarryGermany Jan 18, 2013
English: Available via the Shop on the Website.
Current German: Erhältlich über den Shop auf der Webseite.
Translated by DirtyHarryGermany Jun 12, 2014
  • 6 phrases found