Chinchilla Minimap


Change log

Ethan Centaurai:
    - QuestTracker: Now hides the new dungeon header when "Show Title" is disabled.
    - Apparently a module’s :OnEnable() is called before the core’s :OnInitialize().
    - Move bossframe anchoring cludge into the core file since multiple modules make use of it.
    - Core: Bump Interface number to 60000.
    - QuestTracker: Remove Wider Objectives Tracker checkbox.
    - QuestTracker: Fix the objectives tracker for Patch 6.0.
    - Position: Fix the objectives tracker for Patch 6.0.
    - Delete gitattributes.
    - Update gitignore.
    - Whoops, forgot to remove that from there.
    - It is now possible to show/hide the boss frames again.
    - It is now possible to resize the quest tracker again.
    - Position: Disable boss frame movement until I can figure out what the hell is wrong with it.
    - Position: Boss frames no longer become huge when movable.
    - Position: Boss frames should now stay in the place you put them.
    - ShowHide: Parent the buttons to a hidden frame instead of hiding the button or making it invisible. No more combat taint, no more dead zones, no more buttons being shown when they shouldn't be. In theory.
    - ShowHide: Fix the Movie Recording indicator.
    - Core: Fix the Rotate Minimap checkbox.
    - Appearance: Fix the Wider Objectives Tracker checkbox.
    - ShowHide: Fix vehicle seats default setting.
    - ShowHide: Frames are now hidden as well as made invisible.
    - ShowHide: Minor cleanup and comment updates.
    - Position: Boss unit frames can be moved around again. Code still sucks. Deal with it.
    - ShowHide: The vehicle seats indicator can be shown/hidden again.
    - ShowHide: Boss unit frames can be shown/hidden again.


Uploaded on
Aug 15, 2014
Game version
  • 6.0.1
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