4 - bRez count as LibDataBroker feed

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
I would like 3 new related features, in priority order:
1. The ability to publish the current # of available resses (and/or the current number of resses used) as an LDB feed
3. A tooltip for the LDB feed that shows me for example who used them, who they used them on, and who has them available.
2. The ability to disable the current bRez display (so that I can just use Hermes and your LDB feed)

Please provide any additional information below.
Some people use other cooldown trackers like Hermes to track things such as available battle resses. This is duplicative with bRez. The key thing that bRez does on top of that is tell me how many resses have been used.

Ideally you could publish a couple of LDB data points so that those of us who use LDB bar addons and Hermes can simplify our UIs.

In addition, the key piece of information is "how many BRs are available?". In some cases I'd prefer to have secondary info (like who BRed / who can still BR) no visible on the screen unless I need it (assuming I'm not also a data junkie using Hermes).


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