- properly parented the Breakables frame to UIParent so that it will go away when the user presses alt-z (thanks slayman). note that this change makes the Breakables frame use the UI Scale specified in video settings so it may initially not be in the same location you last set it to and could be a different size.

- fixed a bug where the tooltip could be completely wrong or empty sometimes

- fixed an error about AceGUI and AceConfigDialog that were showing up on load in certain situations
- minor garbage/performance fixes
- added spell tooltip to profession button
- added ButtonFacade support (ticket #7)
- added option to specify which direction the buttons grow toward (by Slayman's request)
- enabled new target-item/spell attributes for secure buttons instead of hacking together a macro
- don't show heirloom items as disenchantable

- fixed bar position not being saved/restored properly when moved out of the upper left section of the screen

- fixed reported error message

- created one bar per profession for the case where someone has some combination of inscription, enchanting, and jewelcrafting
- set bar to update immediately after clicking an item to break it instead of waiting the 1.5 seconds. it was making life harder for mass breaking
- added button scale and font size options
- added localization support
- optimized a little bit of the code that finds breakables in your bags by delaying checks on BAG_UPDATE until 1.5 seconds after the last update request has come in
- set the button font for item counts to use NumberFont_Outline_Med so that any font overrides (like tekticles) work automagically
- added LibDataBroker support
- added option to hide the bar entirely (ticket 5) and option to hide the bar when in combat
- added short description to the config page explaining the functionality in the mod and how to get support/request features
- made all slash commands print something back to the user so they know what they changed

- added ability to hide soulbound disenchantable items that are part of an equipment manager set (since some quest rewards and such are soulbound but the player doesn't actually use them)


Date created
Oct 07, 2010
Last updated
Dec 16, 2010