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Adds ButtonFacade support to the default interface.

ToC Description

Action Bars

Action Bars: Module Title

Allows the default action bars to be skinned by ButtonFacade.

Action Bars: Module Description

Allows the default buff frame to be skinned by ButtonFacade.

Buff Frame: Module Description

Bar Options

Action Bars Module: Bar Options Title

BLF_Desc Adds ButtonFacade support to the default interface. If you experience any display issues, disable the affected module or element and reload your interface.

Core: Addon Description

Buff Frame

Buff Frame: Module Title


Core: Enable Title

Enable skinning of the action bars.

Action Bars: Enable Tooltip

Enable skinning of the buff frame.

Buff Frame: Enable Tooltip

Main Bar

Action Bars: Main Bar Title


Action Bars: Multi-Bars Title


Core: Options Title

Pet Bar

Action Bars: Pet Bar Title

Possess Bar

Action Bars: Possess Bar Title


Core: Profiles Title

Skin the buttons of the %s.

Action Bars: Generic Bar Tooltip (Where %s is the bar.)

Stance Bar

Action Bars: Stance Bar Title

Vehicle Bar

Action Bars: Vehicle Bar Title

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