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Taunt Resist - Parrot Sink

Tank Warnings

Dec 07, 2012 rbarreiros Abandoned Optional dependency
Tank Warnings is a simple addon to warn configurable messages upon certain events related to tanking, like Taunt resists or usage of special mitigation abilities that are usually used in emergencies, like Shield Wall and so on. Supports Warriors, Druids, Paladins and Death Knights, as well as integration with BigWigs creating global or local timers for specific abilities. Messages can be sent to scrolling combat text addons as well as common channels like Raid Warning, Raid, Party, custom...


Feb 10, 2013 profalbert Deleted Required dependency
DEPRECATED The functionality of this addon has been integrated into BigWigs Core. So this extra addon is not needed any more. BigWigs_PizzaBar is a Plugin for BigWigs that receives custom timers broadcasted by users of other bossmods, and starts a BigWigs-bar. It's also able to start timers and broadcast them to users of other bossmods with the /bwpb slash-command. Currently supports: DeadlyBossMods 4.x ("Pizza"- and "Pull"-timers) Deus Vox Encounters ("Raidbars" - /dxerb)


Jul 20, 2016 nebula169 Release Required dependency
This addon is a Big Wigs plugin and requires both Big Wigs and Transcriptor to run. Simple addon that uses Big Wigs for pull/win/wipe detection and starts or stops Transcriptor logging accordingly. Makes it easy to get segmented boss logs when you're analyzing an encounter. Also allows you to easily remove individual logs! Should note that if you're wiping a lot and not clearing logs, memory usage can get high and at some point the game will throw an error and nil out Transcriptor's database...


Jul 20, 2016 funkydude Release Required dependency
This addon is a Big Wigs plugin and requires Big Wigs to run. Displays messages and bars for common raid cooldowns.


Sep 25, 2013 EthanCentaurai Alpha Required dependency
Crowd control spell durations displayed as BigWigs bars.
Sample party display


Dec 07, 2014 Adirelle Release Optional dependency
oUF_Adirelle provides both raid and single unit frames built on top of oUF. This addon has been originally written for personal use and taste. It borrows ideas from existing raid and unit frame addons. It has been tested and includes specific settings for the following classes: hunter, druid, paladin, warlock, priest, shaman, death knight. It should work fine with other classes as well. I do not plan to add configuration options. Nevertheless, one can move, resize and even disable the frames...
  • 6 reverse relationships found