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Key: altPowerTitle
English: AltPower
Plugins - All our plugin modules
Current French: Ressource alternative
Translated by Pettigrow Jan 24, 2015
Key: adds_desc
English: Timers for when Night-Twisted Faithful enter the fight.
Highmaul → Margok
Current French: Délais avant que des Fidèles corrompus par la nuit ne se joignent au combat.
Translated by Pettigrow Jan 03, 2015
Key: gaze_target_message
English: Glimpse targeting YOU!
Highmaul → Margok
Current French: Un Aperçu de la folie VOUS cible !
Translated by Pettigrow Jan 03, 2015
Key: adds
English: Night-Twisted Faithful
Highmaul → Margok
Current French: Fidèle corrompu par la nuit
Translated by Pettigrow Jan 03, 2015
Key: custom_off_spore_shooter_marker_desc
English: Mark Spore Shooters with {rt1}{rt2}{rt3}{rt4}, requires promoted or leader.
|cFFFF0000Only 1 person in the raid should have this enabled to prevent marking conflicts.|r
|cFFADFF2FTIP: If the raid has chosen you to turn this on, quickly mousing over the mobs is the fastest way to mark them.|r
Highmaul → Brackenspore
Current French: Marque les Lances-spores avec {rt1}{rt2}{rt3}{rt4}. Nécessite d'être assistant ou chef de raid.
|cFFFF0000Seule 1 personne du raid doit activer ceci afin d'éviter les conflits de marquage.|r
|cFFADFF2FASTUCE : si le raid a décidé que c'est vous qui devez l'activer, survoler rapidement tous les lances-spores est le moyen le plus rapide de les marquer.|r
Translated by Pettigrow Jan 23, 2015