Configure actionbar paging when the %s key is down.

Configure all of Bartender to preset defaults

Configure Bar %s

Configure how the Out of Range Indicator should display on the buttons.

Configure the alpha of the bar.

Configure the Bag Bar

Configure the Blizzard Art Bar

Configure the Button Tooltip.

Configure the Extra Action Bar

Configure the Fade Out Alpha

Configure the Fade Out Delay

Configure the Micro Menu

Configure the padding of the buttons.

Configure the Pet Bar

Configure the Reputation Bar

Configure the scale of the bar.

Configure  the Stance Bar

Configure the VehicleBar

Configure the XP Bar

Copy Conditionals

Create a copy of the auto-generated conditionals in the custom configuration as a base template.


Custom Conditionals

Default Bar State

Direction of the button flyouts on this bar (eg. summon demon/pet)

Disable any reaction to mouse events on this bar, making the bar click-through.


Disabled in Combat

Don't Page


Direction, down!

Empty button background

Enable Auto-Assist for this bar.
Auto-Assist will automatically try to cast on your target's target if your target is no valid target for the selected spell.

Enable Bar Switching based on the actionbar controls provided by the game.
See Blizzard Key Bindings for assignments - Usually Shift-Mouse Wheel and Shift+1 - Shift+6.


Enable/Disable the bar.

Enable Mouse-Over Casting for this bar.
Mouse-Over Casting will automatically cast onto the unit under your mouse without targeting it, if possible.

Enable State-based Button Swaping