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BankItems Bindings

BANKITEMS_CAUTION_TEXT CAUTION: Some items were not parsed/displayed in this report because they do not exist in your WoW local cache yet. A recent WoW patch or launcher update caused the local cache to be cleared. Log on this character and visit the bank to correct this OR hover your mouse on every item in every bag to query the server for each itemlink (this may disconnect you).

BankItems Options

-- /bi allbank : open BankItems and all bank bags only

-- /bi all : open BankItems and all bags

-- /bi charname : open bank of charname on the same server

-- /bi clearall : clear all players' info

-- /bi clear : clear currently selected player's info

-- /bigb clear : clear currently selected guild's info

-- /bigb : open BankItems guild bank

-- /bi hidebutton : hide the minimap button

-- /bi open charname : open bank of charname on the same server

-- /bi search itemname : search for items

-- /bi showbutton : show the minimap button

-- /bis itemname : search for items

|cffeda55fClick|r to toggle BankItems

|cffeda55fShift-Click|r to toggle BankItems Guild Bank

Check to show all saved characters, regardless of realm or faction.

Check to show characters from the opposite faction (includes BankItems tooltips).

Contents of:

%dg %ds %dc

%d guild bank(s) selected


Equipped Items

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Group similar items



Ignore unstackable soulbound items

Include the following guild banks:

Items in Mailbox

Left-click to open BankItems.

Lock main window from being moved

Mailbox data not found. Please visit the mailbox on this character.