This is just the pieces of LibFilter-1.0 that are useful for baggins. It includes all the item and bag slot filters as well as the baggins adaptor. You do not need to have LibFilter-1.0 installed to use this addon.

Note: Older (non-libfilter) plugins will prevent the filters from this addon from being made available to Baggins in the case of a conflict.


  • EquipSlot - Matches items based on the slot in goes into on the character sheet.
  • EquipmentSets - Matches items based on 3.1's new Equipment Manager.
  • ItemRack - Matches items based on being in a itemrack set
  • Outfitter - Matches items based on being in an outfitter set.
  • Professions - Matches items based on the professions you know or don't know. Supports matching for recipes, materials, crafted items, tools or gathered items.
  • Soulbound - Filters on Soulbound, Account bound, bind on equip, bind on pickup, bind to account, etc.
  • Usable - Provides filters for Usable, Consumable and Equippable items. Note: Usable and Consumable are based on Blizzard functions and may not be the same as you expect.

Obsolete Filters

  • ClosetGnome - Matches items based on being in a closetgnome set, use the EquipmentSets filters instead.

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  • Avatar of dlr554 dlr554 May 22, 2009 at 00:28 UTC - 0 likes

    Baggins_LibFilter 2009-03-27

    ClosetGnome filter no longer functions since ClosetGnome has changed to a LDB launcher for Blizzard's new EquipManager.

    [2009/05/21 17:20:43-3169-x1]: ...ules\LibFilter_ClosetGnome\LibFilter_ClosetGnome.lua:224: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil):
    ...ules\LibFilter_ClosetGnome\LibFilter_ClosetGnome.lua:224: in function <...ules\LibFilter_ClosetGnome\LibFilter_ClosetGnome.lua:217>:
    ...ules\LibFilter_ClosetGnome\LibFilter_ClosetGnome.lua:319: in function `CacheSetsAndUpdate':
    ...ules\LibFilter_ClosetGnome\LibFilter_ClosetGnome.lua:359: in function `UPDATE':
    ...ules\LibFilter_ClosetGnome\LibFilter_ClosetGnome.lua:366: in function <...ules\LibFilter_ClosetGnome\LibFilter_ClosetGnome.lua:366>:
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